A hulk mercenary with a huge horn in it's forehead (abomination)

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A hulk is strange magical creature. It's been created from parts of an eagle, bull, wolf and human. It's appereance is very bizarre. The head is eagle to give it good eye sight. The legs are from a wolf but the rest of the body is more complex and you can't tell what's human, wolf or bull. A hulk usually have four or more arms and not always just one head. An abomination created by judge Dentirion to serve as his mercenaries.
a hulk mercenary with a huge horn in it's forehead (abomination)'s equipment:

Wielded in left claw: an iron hand-axe Wielded in right claw: an iron falchion

Spells: Missing spells
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Ruins of Unta'r Trinit
Alignment: neutral
Race: hairy_creature
Exp worth: 10-20k
Aggressive: yes