A reflector shield

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reflector shield
The shield is crafted out of a reflective material, probably some high-quality

alloyance of silver and adamantium. The structural form of the shield is a basic wall-shield form, tall and thick. The polished silver surface is formed so, that the sunlight from above could be reflected in the eyes of the approaching enemy, in order to dazzle him - provided if the sun is shining. It is surrounded by a red glow. It contains a tale; Tales tell of a brave warrior, a dragonslayer of the human race, the name of this man was Grommul, from the village of Bool. The brave Grommul had was trusted a glorious task, to slay Tiamat, The ever-dragon of time, the Cromatic one. Grommul had a secret weapon, that he intended to use against Tiamat, his shield, capable of protecting him from the fiery magics of the Dragon.

After a week's travel, did Grommul enter the Nocilis valley, the valley where Tiamat was known to rest in. The way to Tiamat was filled with traps, to keep Tiamat safe, or to keep tiamat out, that remained to be unanswered.

After breaking through the maze, solving the door, and other troubles, Grommul finally met the Dragon, the battle was over quickly. Grommul should have been wise enough, that no mortal could alone beat Tiamat. Tiamat leaped towards Grommul and chanted the word 'DRND!' suddenly something bashed Grommul to his temple, and never did he wake up again.

Missing type type: Missing type
Stats: Reflects special
It looks a bit heavy (7 kg)
Sacvalue: 5k
It is called 'shield', 'reflector shield', 'a reflector shield', 'a shield' and 'full'
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: 10% silver, 90% adamantium
Size: full
Quality: poor
From: Tiamat, Nocilis Valley