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(rough estimates first)
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|[[a long and intimidating tribal pike]]||?||
|[[a long and intimidating tribal pike]]||?||
|[[An elegant golden ring decorated with wyrm shaped emerald]]||??||
|[[An elegant golden ring decorated with wyrm shaped emerald]]||18||
|[[an enchanted mithril gorget]]||??||
|[[an enchanted mithril gorget]]||??||
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|[[The Amberley Ankh]]||30?||shelter invoke
|[[The Amberley Ankh]]||30?||shelter invoke
|[[Tisau, the Circlet of Power]]||??||Instant mirror invoke
|[[Tisau, the Circlet of Power]]||15||Instant mirror invoke

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A cooldown is a period of time which must be waited before some action can be performed again. This is a list of different cooldowns in the game.

List of equipment cooldowns

Name Length (minutes) Notes
A dwarven full shield 'Dragomir' 1 cooldown after fire dam special ends
a frosty birch wand, remnant of the winters past 60 hailstorm invoke
a golden ring with a single small ruby 15 sp transfer
A large signet ring with an onyx 60
a pair of boots made of fog 5 haste special
A pair of pure white flowing sleeves 25 Resets on remove
a pretty silver ring long hours weartime hp from dested gem
A small monocle with a golden chain 0:15 for race peer special
A skull 2 for single blast
a long and intimidating tribal pike ?
An elegant golden ring decorated with wyrm shaped emerald 18
an enchanted mithril gorget ??
An exquisite spyglass 1 examine special
An old oak staff with several odd knobs 15
Ancient book of knowledge (friendly) 4320
Demonic Ring of Invisibility 10
Eaceran, the shield of Esachen 60
mask of gluttony ?? Can eat one food/pill per cooldown.
Prismatic Rod ??
Silver Battlesuit 15 from invoke to storing new hp (random amounts)
Some zoo invokes 30 weartime homing spear, mirror prism, blue silk armband, pendant of safety, etc
The Amberley Ankh 30? shelter invoke
Tisau, the Circlet of Power 15 Instant mirror invoke

List of skill cooldowns

Name Length (minutes) Notes
Camping 5 Depends on skill, ranger fast camp makes faster
Dark meditation 5
Meditation ??
Vampiric blow 8:20 Depends on skill

List of spell cooldowns

Name Length (minutes) Notes
Curse of tarmalen 8 duration varies based on spell/stats/masteries
Degenerate person 8 duration varies based on spell/stats/masteries
Holding pattern ?? Spell duration increases with each cast, resets after ??
Spider touch 12 randomness

Miscellaneous cooldowns

Name Length (minutes) Notes
Esiris portal 5 if Esiris quests are done, cooldown can be skipped with cash payment dependent on level and time since last portal use
Herb tolerance 15