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This list should provide an easily accessible way for checking whether a monster or area is safe to explore or not.

The list is undergoing some reformatting, so bear with it a while.

List of monsters that cast Destroy armour or Destroy weapon

Monster Area
a big mummy is bashing around with his sword (undead) Teywaer Graveyard
a gray beholder is floating here (evil) Ackbar's warrior shrine
a green beholder is floating here (nasty) Ackbar's warrior shrine
Warl Su, the jailed samurai The realm of Kara-Tur
Edward Amberley, the family priest Amberley mansion
Grandmother Elizabeth Amberley Amberley mansion
Gilljam, elite soldier and universal beauty Colosseum
Aviel, commander of the imperial elite forces Colosseum
Erik Fzurrp-Fjongabolos, the Auctioneer Arelium
Doc the Bank Robber Arelium
Greedy the Bank Robber Arelium
Lefty the Bank Robber Arelium
Netrunner the Bank Robber Arelium
Righty the Bank Robber Arelium
Sleazy the Bank Robber Arelium
Smelly the Bank Robber Arelium
Sneezy the Bank Robber Arelium
Sarah Greenpond the old widow Calythien
Walith Kediralath, trying to hide in the shadows Calythien
an infernal knight vowed to guard the vault (undead) Caverns of Chaos
a dark shade of a corrupted paladin (undead) Caverns of Chaos
a pile of gold coins nudges closer The Warlock conclave
Elven chef preparing dinner Elven village
Rudolf the smith Elven village
Petrus the very quiet Donaru librarian Donaru
This is the hillgiant's wife,she is drawing water from the well Doobie's
There is a very old man with shiny white oozing eyes Doobie's
The queen is pacing around, looking for something to do Doobie's
a torturer demon of the unspoken one Faerie Forest
Dark Knight is grinning here Goddess garden
Odo, the brave hunter Goddess garden
Kizarwexius the moondragon sways above you, smoke rising from her nostrils and acid dripping from her fangs Lonely mountain
Dag Dag Schwingenator, ruler of Magerathia Temple of Magerathia
Melcross, the deadly demon leader Great Central Desert
Zeltjin the head warlock of Tiamat Nocilis Valley
Pelitar the old retired village wizard Norse village
Julius, the king of the castle Pauper's
(smoke demon) Perin's
Molly, Despana's little bundle of joy Perin's
Pedro, Despana's pride and joy Perin's
Icalia, the ice demon Perin's
Alena, the acquisitionist Perin's
A small impish demon Perin's
Ditianna, the bride of Tomtor Perin's
Reddist the lord of Reavers Reaver's catacombs
The Master Sorcerer of the Temple of Sarku is meditating here. Temple of Sarku
the wight of Dentirion (evil) (undead) Savage coast Ruins of Unta'r Trinit
a spherical floating beast with one gigantic eye is gazing at you Small meadow
an ethereal being is silently hovering in the air Small meadow
the captain of a ship Sunderland
The High Priestess of the temple Ancient temple of Gods
Elemental prince of water Tiburcio
An urvile loremaster is preparing to crush the resistance Urvile tree
Elder Petron has rallied some defenders Urvile tree
a nasty looking witch Valley of the Kings
The boatman of the River Styx Zebell's
A Gray Slaad-Lord is hopping around here (undead) Zonni's swamps
A HUGE lizardman torturer is here, attacking YOU! Zonni's swamps

List of monsters that cast Disintegrate

Monster Area
A man wearing a white coat sits behind a desk Arelium
A middle-aged nurse stands here waiting for you Arelium
A young, fresh out of school medic stands here Arelium
A old comfortable looking woman is looking at you Arelium
A old lecherous doctor, reminds you of someone from old Vienna Arelium
Lacramobo the rentkeeper leans against a desk looking bored Arelium
Morden the Shadowman Arelium dungeons
Galigord the slightly overweight rentkeeper is on his break Calythien
The Master of the Arena, a humanoid giving off a black aura Castle Brantis
Numericus, the god of counting and general love of numbers Castle Brantis
The Demilich Ogaitnas Iuqnarf Brotherhood of Sorcery (area)
An ancient lich stares at you with hatred (undead) Tower of Corabandor
Krystanimyth, the Dreaded Dracolich, the Ever Dragon Castle Firefox
a torturer demon of the unspoken one Faerie Forest
the supreme urvile loremaster rests in his cave Foul's Creche
Bzatah, the psionlich (undead) Horn-Durath
Thulanic, the gatelich (undead) Horn-Durath
Uruthmatium, the darklich (undead) Horn-Durath
Threumathuran, the deathlich (undead) Horn-Durath
Inturnastabxlien, the ancient and powerful demi-lich (undead) Mesme
An old-looking hermit Mythical Valley
The high Lord Despana Perin's
Gotryt the mighty lich king stands here (undead) Pyramid
Zifnab's Gigantic Dragon Pyran
Chesire the rentkeeper is purring silently here Shadowkeep
The Beholder, the Warden, 'Grrzzaaah' of Prison complex Shadowkeep
A large sperical beholder hovers here Trilloch's Zoo
Killusia, the mistress of pain and misery Valley of the Kings
a ghost of a fat man growls here -- most likely faking it (always fails the spell) Valley of the Kings
A handsome ghostly humanoid is hovering over here (undead) Valley of Silence
A beautiful ghostly humanoid hovers over here. (undead) Valley of Silence

List of monsters that cast Immolate

Monster Area
The Zhentorian Captain is planning here Arelium
a shy leopard-furred catfolk walks by very slowly Catfolk tree
A robed drow is standing here calmly Drow tower
Ceche the neuter Gatekeeper of the mansion Domgroth's Mansion
an orc in ceremonial garb stands here Orc Samurai
Puff of fiery smoke Pauper's
A Cloak Enshrouded Figure Blocks the Stairway Club Sarnath, Arelium
A short grinning red demon of Twilight Small meadow
Skeleton guard clad in heavy armour Small meadow
A pitfiend grinning wickedly at your misery Small meadow
A pitfiend-king is lolling and wobbling raunchily here at your misery Small meadow
fire elemental Trilloch's Zoo
The Lizardman Captain is here, attacking YOU Zonni's swamps

List of monsters that cast Acquisition

Monster Area
Axidia, Master of undeads Halls of the Dead
A minion of Axidia tries to steal your soul (undead) Halls of the Dead
a dark figure of a knight enveloped by darkness (undead) Caverns of Chaos
Alena, the acquisitionist Perin's
a kobold rogue, lurking in shadows Faerie Forest
A short grinning black demon of Twilight Small meadow
a small elven child playing around Mesme
A small orc is hiding in the shadows, trying to steal something Temple of the Twisted Prophecies
a guardian spirit Temple of the Twisted Prophecies
A meanie guenon digging the bones Votk
Liezeb the druid Beastlands
Ninja's (various colours) Orc Samurai

List of monsters that have stealing/desting specials

Monster Area
A jumper from the sphere of time Magerathia
Rogue Hack
Baaz Draconian Flying Citadel
Trilloch Haz-gon the grey Elf Trilloch's Tower
Reverend B'zarre, former highpriest of the Twilight (undead) Small meadow
The mighty Frog of war Arelium
Gou'ljeg, a huge, ancient beholder Abandoned temple
Orb of Doom (a pitch black orb) Valley of Silence
Gazza Ladra, the duskwalker (invisible!) Kharim guild