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| spell3 = lava storm
| spell3 = lava storm
| spell4 = electrocution
| spell4 = electrocution
| spell5 = killing cloud
| area = Ancient tower
| area = Ancient tower
| exp = 1067k - 1133k
| exp = 1067k - 1133k

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This short elf looks very old and powerful. His eyes are pale yellow and his skin is pale and yellow as well. He wears old raggy clothes and smells like rotten flesh, undoubtable due to the pieces of cut up body organs that are stuck to his clothing: obviously the result of hours of working with dead corpses. This evil person is the legendary Kech Lektar, LORD of undead.
Kech lektar's equipment:

Amulet: A death amulet

Held: An ancient staff of the necromancer


Necronomicon ex mortes (book)

Spells: cold ray, strangulation, lava storm, electrocution, killing cloud
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Ancient tower
Alignment: evil
Race: elf
Exp worth: 1067k - 1133k
Other info: He is eager to pick stuff up.