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The Shadows of Maosoleum
Str: 65 Dex: 65 Con: 65
Int: 65 Wis: 65 Size: 59
Skill max: 95% Skill cost: 80,0%
Spell max: 100% Spell cost: 61,1%
Exp rate: 85
General populace believes that all Liches are evil, corrupted and mad. This is fortunately just a nasty stereotype from which Skeletonius Sapiens Superior suffers. Skeletonius Sapiens Superior, Lich if you prefer, is in fact a very complicated creature, if it can be called that. They are mortal humans, who have performed a ritual known as the Greater Rebirth Rite and because of their origin, they can vary in their morality and sanity as much as their originals, but it is true, that time can erode everything, even the purest of hearts or the sanest of minds. This is partially the reason why liches are known as entities of pure evil. Another reason for this is their rumored ability to gain power from other beings' life force. The center of Lich power is in city called Maosoleum. The city is ruled by a secretive Ruling Council, which is said to consist of the wisest people of Maosoleum.
  • They regenerate damage very slowly.
  • They regenerate magic points fast.
  • Arcane powers are easy for them to master.
  • They can see in the dark.
  • They have vision.
  • To the list of NPCs of the race Lich

By sucking souls from corpses they increase their stats.