Ramja Aijasona, the defiled witch mistress of Domgroth

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She is eyeing you with her green eyes. She is approximately 170 centimeters tall and has fiery red hair that only descends to her shoulders. She has many rings on her fingers. You note the mischievous expression on her face. Although she looks like a nice person at first glance, you should be very wary with her.
Ramja's equipment:

Head: a clay helmet

Neck: a bronze collar

Amulet: a steel medallion

Cloak: a fur cloak (glowing)

Torso: a chromium breastplate

Both arms: tin bracers

Both hands: nickel gauntlets

Bracelets: wool bracelets (glowing)

Wielded in left hand: a ruby short sword

Wielded in right hand: a tadmium short sword

Finger: silver ring with engraving (glowing)

Finger: a silk ring

Belt: a bronze sash

Both legs: silk pants

Both feet: brass boots

Spells: mudpit, quake
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Abandoned Valley
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: Missing exp worth
Aggressive: yes
Other info: Will follow outside area