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Basic guidelines for editing pages

What is forbidden

When posting articles, make sure you don't mention these things.

  • Syntaxes to do things at areas, e.g.:
    • enter fireplace
    • twist left panel upsoutheast while whistling old tunes
  • Directions to find things at areas, e.g.:
    • To find G'naa'Byeh the Demon Lord, type '3 n;nw;w;d;enter fireplace;kick stone;wail demonically'
    • Second section of Castle Rami is located 'ne;7 n;enter;nw;u' from beginning
  • Monster specials, e.g.:
    • summons partymembers+8 multicoloured demons
    • takes damage only from cloth weapons
    • turns civilized members to flowerpots
  • Unnecessary quest-related information is forbidden.
    • It is ok to tell which area includes a quest.
    • It is NOT ok to tell which parts you need for completing a quest or from where they come from. Neither is it ok to mention a certain piece of equipment is a 'quest item'. In grey areas, it's better not mention it at all.
    • In a monster arcticle, please don't list key(s) that the NPC may have or drop, whether the mob wears/wields the key in a visible manner or not.
  • Certain pages may also be protected from editing to avoid too much valuable information leaking to public.

What is not forbidden

  • Generic information that are listed in the infoboxes in available templates, including for example:
    • The name of area something is located in. Mentioning subarea can be ok too, but only in a vague manner. What's vague enough is for both BatWiki and ultimately BatMUD archwizards to decide.
    • Generic spells/skills a monster casts/uses (again, not non-standard specials unless it doesn't affect the difficulty of the NPC at all.


Use your common sense. Think about what information you would share on public channels and what you wouldn't. Ask the admins (Ggr, Dupre, Blacksmith, User:Pisano, Juo, Milk), if you are not sure. If you get no answer, just better NOT add whatever you were about to.