Staff of Warding

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Staff of Warding <red glow>
The finely carved four feet long oaken staff is covered with beautiful elven runes. A blue silken ribbon hangs from the upper end of the staff, and there is also a blue colored handle on the middle of the it that you might be able to 'twist'. It has probably been sort of a sceptre of authority and rulership of an elven community.
Armour type: Staff
Stats: +2% Hoar frost & 'twist staff' to invoke shelter when wielded
It looks light (1.550 kg)
Sacvalue: 19k
It is called staff of warding and identified as 'staff', 'long staff', 'long decorated staff', 'warding staff' and 'staff of warding'
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: oak
Size: small
Quality: standard
Other info: It is fragile and can dest even if in AWESOME conditions: "twist staff You twist the staff and hear quiet tingle. A shimmering blue flash streaks from the staff to fill the surroundings. This location is now surrounded in a shimmering blue forcefield. Staff of warding vibrates violently by the power of the spell and then splinters into million pieces."