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Hrolf: A guild category and templates for areas and guilds might be nice.

Feel free to make new templates and categories if you want. For example those guild and area templates Hrolf mentioned. I made those couple first ones and they are quite easy to understand so just use them as examples when making new ones.

Guild templates are bit hard to make (or not really but needs lots of work) with the skill&spell tables but there is an area template. BlackSmith 23:53, 23 November 2009 (UTC)

Monster template

Nuane: wonder which format should be used in mob page names, full shortdesc or? in my opinion 'Burglefloogah' looks nicer in the list than 'A gargantuan slime-lizard sits here with bulbous belly, burping belligentrily' though :P

We could prolly add 'Specials' field there too.

Question is, is it ok to share information about spells that some bigger mobs cast or specials they do? I'm not that sure it is. -Juo

Specials / revealing too much info

I don't think specials should be revealed. It's unlikely that anyone who's already killed a mob wouldn't remember what specials it has, and revealing them goes into grey area of too much spoiling in my opinion. Spells, however, are such a standard thing that revealing them does no harm I think, it's only nice to have a 'public notebook' to check what did we have to prot against again.

Also about bigger mobs and their eq, there are several eq listings available already which reveal stats of most topend eq out there, although I'm not too eager to post stuff about Tiamat or such, I'd like to remind that most of the info already exists. This is just a new frontend for all that info. -Nuane

Formatting values and statistics

I personally think that "300k" in a sacvalue field is much better than "229k000" as well as "+5% manares" beats "+5% resistance against magical damage".

It is, ofcourse, a subject of taste, but as we could have a guideline for this kind of stuff, please cast your vote here and we'll see which way we should go. -Juo

I agree with Juo with the examples, I don't see whats wrong with nicknames that everyone know and uses everywhere.
There's, however, one point that I have to mention, which is _category_ names. I already changed resistance categories to full long names ("physres" -> "physical resistance" etc.), but this is solely a matter of CONSISTENCY. For example, person A might prefer 'physres', person B 'phys res', person C 'phys resist' etc. and then we might be in a situation that we have a whole variety of different categories because people are too lazy to check which one is used before. This is why the longest possible format should be used in category names, in my opinion. Unless someone thinks there's a problem here, i'll be changing weapon damtypes soon too (asphyxiation damage, magical damage etc). Exception to this could be very commonly used terms such as str, dam, hit, avoid.
Anyways, aside from category names, like I said, I prefer common nicknames used. --Nuane 13:42, 27 October 2006 (EEST)

Yep. Thank god links can refer to Category: physical resistance but the actual linktext show as 'physres'. --Juo 13:48, 27 October 2006 (EEST)

Changed all them weapon damtype categories to long format. They are: magical damage, fire damage, cold damage, electric damage, poison damage, psionic damage, asphyxiation damage and acid damage. --Nuane 15:39, 27 October 2006 (EEST)

New fields in area template

I added 'aka' field (also known as) to area template. Might as well add it to monsters template too, possibly to weapons and armour, since at the moment we use Other info field as storing place for this information. --Juo 14:43, 1 November 2006 (EET)

I also added 'coder' field. --Juo 20:47, 1 November 2006 (EET)

"Help wanted" field

I added "We need help/data in ...." field to the page so that people would see what is missing. The pages that need work are all under in specific category and the category page has instructions how to help us out. I am also planing to add feature to the templates so that they would automaticly include the article to the appropriate 'missing info' category. BlackSmith 11:06, 6 March 2008 (EET)

User account creation

We have had lot of automatically created spam bots recently. For this reason I had to change the captcha question (which I presume got circulated in the spambot network). Hopefully everyone knows the answer :)

Use of "Wikipedia"

Wikipedia is the registered trademark of a wiki; "BatWiki is the unofficial wikipedia for BatMUD" should be "BatWiki is the unofficial wiki for BatMUD." Tiktok 10:10, 29 July 2014 (EEST)