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User X1a0 had been updating the table. Unfortunately he didn't realize that the table had plain stats whereas the race stats have percentages of maximum (which is 112 as plain stat). The old version of this page had some errors, for example with draconian race stats and probably also otherwise outdated. If someone had time and motivation, he could update the whole table by multiplying current stat percentages by 1.12 to get the plain stats. Thorwor 18 February 2021

I'll see when I have time if I can get this to format more nicely.

Would be grand. I don't know enough wiki to make the last collum un-warped so it gets crammed all to page width if its without fixed width. BlackSmith 02:18, 13 August 2007 (EEST)

Erm, with 1280 x 1024 page looks rather nasty, have to scroll horizontally, how about splitting information to 2 or more pages or changing font to something really small. --Dreadlord 01:54, 14 August 2007 (EEST)

What info would you put to other page? All the data is relevant if not critical. They were originally in 2 rows per race but that is not possible if you want to be able to sort the data and IMO usability > pretty. I use it with my 1680x1050 by sorting them first and the nscrolling horizintally to see the abilitys the race has, or vice versa. If the sorting would work with col/rowspan, it could be made lot preattier but alas, it fucks up sorting and that was the main point i remade the whole chart. BlackSmith 19:42, 14 August 2007 (EEST)
Otherwise good argument but unfortunately not everyone has 1680x1050 or even signator's 1280x1024. And by word 'nasty' I did not mean exactly 'unaesthetatic', my bad there, you see horizontal scrolling in this article makes so-called 'usability' a very vague definition especially with lower screen resolutions. Perhaps smaller font and more dense columns would do the trick. --Dreadlord 14:38, 16 August 2007 (EEST)
Err, my point was that even with high resos you need to scroll it. We can force the rows to be thin or table as whole to be slim, but that either means fat table or damn long table. How does it look now with colors used instead of rebirth collum? BlackSmith 19:38, 22 August 2007 (EEST)

How to calcualte skill&spell costs

You take maximum cost of 'grep 50% cost train attack' from all races and divide it with the races skill cost you want to know. At this moment Zombies have highest skill cost (11496) and Valars have the cheapest (11496/5365). At the moment Giant's, Cyclops & Ogre's have the highest spell cost (5534) and Zombies the lowest (5534/1844). I will try to add the chart that contains them all to some where here so others could use it too. BlackSmith 00:50, 15 September 2007 (EEST)

Life span and trainable skills/spells

I agree that the table is somewhat difficult to use because of the high numbers of rows and columns. However, all of the data are pertinent and should remain. Users can always copy and paste out to a spreadsheet or similar program for analysis.

I would like to see an additional column for life span. Also, BatWiki is not currently capturing skills and spells trainable at race shrines.

Well i can summon collum for it but it wont be accurate. I think we need to put skills&spells for races here too, specially as dived. When it comes up, put a link to the race guilds wikipage to BlackSmith 16:00, 16 October 2007 (EEST)

Sort by stat

I've been informed the sort is bugging and this seems to be the case.

It does not actually bug. The sorting is done in date, currency, numberic, string order and as some have other than plain numbers, the sorting behaves bit funny. Simply clicking again fixes it. Also you can multiple sortings. i.o. first list races by str, then click dex and it will show stats races that have most dex and races having tie dex sorted with their str values. The doublegangers stats were agreed with Qurp to be showns as about stats, thus thats the reson for the use of about values. BlackSmith 14:00, 16 October 2007 (EEST)

Racial limb column?

Should we add a racial limb column maybe? Or just a note that some races have extra skills associated with their limbs? See the Racial limbs page for more details. - Pisano 21:37, 4 February 2010 (UTC)

Maybe those could be added to the 'special' field of the races that have got extra skills.
Sure, that is easy enough. It is also not difficult to add a column, but its not clear that it is important enough to merit yet another column on an already (awesome, but) pretty wide table. I'll go with that suggestion and it can always be changed. - Pisano 06:29, 5 February 2010 (UTC)

Race tunes

Some races were tuned. per news display updates 1236[1]


  • barsoomian -melee
  • cyclops +hpmax, +exprate
  • demon +melee, +con
  • duergar +melee
  • dwarf +con
  • giant +hpmax, +exprate, +hpregen
  • ogre +hpmax
  • orc +hpmax
  • titan -epregen, -hpregen

Pisano 20:11, 13 August 2014 (EEST)