A beautiful and tall woman with hair the color of pale gold

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Tall, as pale as the moon, and with eyes the color of dusky evening sky, Felidae is as beautiful as she is deadly. When in public, she wears dark leather armor, and a deep crimson cloak. She has shoulder-length hair the color of pale gold. Felidae is power hungry, first and foremost. In her pursuit of this, Felidae is ruthless. She uses others only to advance her own goals. Never trust this woman...

Felidae is also a woman who enjoys luxuries. Many kingdoms and realms has been looted to bring her luxuries for her to enjoy.

Felidae's equipment:
Spells: dispel magical protection, earthquake, party banish, golden arrow, lava blast, cold ray, field of fear, forget, paralyze, harm body, dispel good, wither flesh, fireball
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Savage coast
Alignment: neutral
Race: human
Exp worth: ~1m
Gender: female
PAP: 60 days