Kizarwexius the moondragon sways above you, smoke rising from her nostrils and acid dripping from her fangs

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In front of you stands a magnificient dragon. Her evil presence fills the lair with agony and terror. Her scales gleam like pearls in the dark light she is emitting. Her white fangs look like pillars of light in the midst of darkness, and finally her blazing red eyes are filled with hatred and disgust against all living things...She is Kizarwexius, the Daughter of Darkness, and she is ready to taste blood.
Kizarwexius's equipment:
Spells: destroy armour, acid rain, acid ray, curse, disease, poison, fireball
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Lonely mountain
Alignment: evil
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: ~1m
Aggressive: yes
Other info: Has 90 min time limit. Can grow in power when killed. Widely regarded as one of the most difficult monsters to kill in the game.