A bloodstained breastplate

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a bloodstained breastplate <red glow>
It is a metallic breastplate that has been worn by someone who hasn't evaded

war. The dents on the armour prove that the breastplate has protected its owner from many wounds in the past. While this piece of protective gear has no doubt been very important to its wearer, the warfare hasn't been painless. Great amounts of blood have spilled on it, staining the breastplate red.

Armour type: breastplate
Stats: +dex, +parry
It looks Heavy (8.540 kg)
Sacvalue: 644480
It is called breastplate and identified as 'breastplate', 'bloody breastplate' and 'bloodstained breastplate'
It takes the following slot: Torso
Made of: bronze
Size: average-sized
Quality: great
From: Kharim guild