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Guild has quite a different meaning in BatMUD than in other games. Instead of simply binding characters together, they are the main source for skills and spells thus they define what kind of character you are playing. In other words guilds are like classes in many other games.

All characters will start with ten levels of skills from their background followed by five levels from their racial guild. After that players may choose to progress in one or more guilds that match their background.

There are also three other types of guilds in BatMUD:

  • Background 'guilds' - These don't actually give any room for training or study. Levelling up simply gives you set of skills and spells.
  • Racial guilds - Mandatory for everyone before you can join a real guild. Some of these offer serious skills and spells, others are more or less pointless ones. Luckily you don't have to train in them if you don't want.
  • Societies - Also known as secret societies or simply SSs. They are player managed guilds that may offer a channel, stat boosts and skill/spell max risings. Usually gaining access involves cash, hands, friends or all three.

Guilds by background

The following are tables that map open guilds to different backgrounds. Some guild appear in multiple backgrounds, e.g. squires can be joined from both the civiilzed and nomad backgrounds.


Guilds for civilized background
Long name Levels Short name Coders
Guild of Alchemy 30 Alchemists Lanfear
The Bards' guild 30 Bards Amarth and Walin
The Civilized Fighters 25 Civilized_fighters Shardik
The Fellowship of Wizardry 25 Civmages Shardik (Duke, Alaron)
The Disciples of Chaos 10 Disciple Ulath
Followers of the Scorpion 20 Aelena Hackop, Gore, Pahvi and Dino
The School of Folklorists 25 Folklorists Heidel
The Master Merchants 25 Merchants Duke and Shadowjack
The Faculte of Runemagi 30 Runemages Nalle
The Order of the Shadow Sabres 30 Sabres Qazar
The Squires 15 Squires Elwood and Shinarae
The Legion of Knights 15 Knights Shinarae and Elwood
The Division of Cavaliers 15 Cavaliers Shinarae & Elwood

Evil religious

Guilds for Evil religious
Long name Levels Short name Coders
The Disciples of Chaos 10 Disciple Ulath
Legions of the Blood God 20 Kharim Darol
Followers of the Scorpion 20 Aelena Hackop
Slaves of the Beastmaster 20 Tzarakk Ulath & Blasterr
Bearers of the True Rot 20 Nergal Merc
Triad of Darkness 10 Triad Darol
The Monastic School of Draen-Dalar 10 Curate Darol
The Polytheistic Seminary 15 Seminary Darol
The Cult of Reavers 30 Reavers Shinarae
The Blades of the Spider Queen 30 Spiders Era & Shinarae
The Brotherhood of the Black Tiger 30 Tigers Dralith & Shinarae

Good religious

Guilds for good religious
Long name Levels Short name Coders
The Humble Druids 30 Druids Shinarae
The Warrior Brotherhood 30 Monks Noctur
The Guild of Animists 20 Animist Heidel
The Order of Ghost Liberator Paladins 30 Liberators Heidel
The Guild of Animists 20 Animist Heidel
Sisters of Las 35 Nuns Zin, Dazzt & Brock
The Followers of Tarmalen 30 Tarmalen Dralith & Shinarae
The Templars of Faerwon 30 Templars Dralith, Gurth & Grimsh
The Guild of Animists 20 Animist Heidel


Magical Guilds
Short Name Full Name # Levels Allows Maintainer(s)
Channellers The Guild of Channellers 30 Shinarae
Psionicists The Psionicists 35 Juggelo & Grimsh
Mage* Brotherhood of Sorcery 10 8 mage subguilds... Alaron & Ulax
Inner Circle Inner Circle of Sorcery 10 Juggelo & Lampsa
Riftwalker The Guild of Riftwalkers 15 Moss
Mage Sub-guilds
Name Damage Type # Levels Maintainer(s)
Assembly of the Blizzard cold 10 Juggelo & Lampsa
Brethren of the Flaming Sigil fire 10 Juggelo & Lampsa
Devourers of Air asphyxiation 10 Juggelo & Lampsa
Manipulators of Corrosion acid 10 Juggelo & Lampsa
Summoners of Astral Power magical 10 Juggelo & Lampsa
Venomous Convocation poison 10 Juggelo & Lampsa
Wielders of Lightning electrical 10 Juggelo & Lampsa
  • The mage guild has eight sub-guilds with ten levels each. One sub-guild for each of the seven damage types plus one mastery sub-guild.


Guilds for nomad background
Long name Levels Short Name Maintainer(s)
The Flight of Archers 30 Archers Shinarae & Grizzt
Barbarian Guild 35 Barbarians Ulath, Runeaxe, & Tarken
The Crimson Brigade 35 Crimson Era & Ulath
The Disciples of Chaos 10 Disciple Ulath
Legions of the Blood God 20 Kharim Darol
Rangers 35 Rangers Ulath & Duke
The Squires 15 Squires Shinarae
The Herd of Beastmasters 15 Beastmasters Shinarae
The Division of Cavaliers 15 Cavaliers Shinarae

Any Background

Long name Levels Short name Coders
The Band of Explorers 5 Explorers Ulath
The Association of Mystical Navigators 5 Navigators Noctur & Machaon
The Union of Sailors 0 Sailors Melemkor
The Navigators of the Tree 3 Treenav Zin
Sentinels of Infizinity 100 Sentinels Zin
Secret Society 20 SS -
The Lunar Defenders 1 Lunar_Defender Shinarae

Guilds by Category (open/closed)

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