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This page is still under construction, so please bear with the ugly layout and whatnot. --Nuane 15:51, 24 July 2010 (UTC) {{#formlink:form=Tune|link text=Add a new tune|link type=button|query string=title=Semantic Forms&action=formedit}}

Tune id# Date Description Wizards Source Other
Tune/2010/05/19/1 2010/05/19 The ss+ party info command now shows you if a player in online, or LD. Moss News (inform 764)
Tune/2010/07/05/1 2010/07/05 After years of disagreement The Sisters of Las and The Warrior Brotherhood have finally decided to put off their mutual grudge and join forces against evil back.. err the demonic forces. However Abbess Abigail only accepts the female warriors to join the holy cause, so brave lonely men of the monastery, cut of yer extension of evil and join the sisterhood. Zin News (inform 767)
Tune/2010/07/08/1 2010/07/08 You have a new command 'top10', for more information 'help top10'. New solo and party kills will start being added after boot. Moss News (inform 768)
Tune/2010/07/09/1 2010/07/09 Aelena 'slow death' damage has been downgraded. Mainly the out of combat part. You are no longer able to solo insane rates with shop eqs with practically no possibility of dying. Juggelo News (updates 828)
Tune/2010/07/09/2 2010/07/09 Folklorist racial protection was slightly downtuned on the upper end of the spell's effeciency in order to scale with other protective spells in the game. Juggelo News (updates 828)
Tune/2010/07/09/3 2010/07/09 The Reaver spell 'shattered feast' no longer trumps the healing prowess of the Tarmalens. The high end of the spell was brough down a notch. Juggelo News (updates 828)
Tune/2010/07/09/4 2010/07/09 Mage (or, should we say Conjurer) protections low end was brought up somewhat. This in essence means that if you're able to succesfully cast the spell, it will be of use instead of protting only a few percentages of the given damage type. Juggelo News (updates 828)
Tune/2010/07/09/5 2010/07/09 Kharim passive-special frequencies were downtuned a bit. Juggelo News (updates 828)
Tune/2010/07/09/6 2010/07/09 Good relig background gained a slight boost in hitpoints in order to scale somewhat better with its evil religious counterpart. Juggelo News (updates 828)
Tune/2010/07/12/1 2010/07/12 Your selected solo/party kill will not be removed from your top10 list. So if your selected solo/party is at the bottom of the list, the 2nd in the list will be replaced. Moss News (inform 769)
Tune/2010/07/13/1 2010/07/13 Effective at reboot, you may now purchase more levels of cloaking and greatersight abilities for your ships, with a maximum level of 4 each. Tarken News (updates 829)
Tune/2010/07/14/1 2010/07/14 After reinc, your top solo/party kill is autoamtically used in your finger info until you specifically select a kill using the top10 command. You can choose to automatically use your top kill for either solo or party or both by doing 'top10 solo auto', 'top10 party auto'. 'help top10' for details. Moss News (inform 770)
Tune/2010/07/15/1 2010/07/15 The 'party kills' output was tuned to selectively obey cutter. Starting from boot it will obey your cutter settings if your cutter is from range [80,9000] and otherwise defaults to 80 char line length. Blasterr News (updates 830)
Tune/2010/07/21/1 2010/07/21 The new ability conflict historian is now available for you to train. Moss News (inform 771)
Tune/2010/07/23/1 2010/07/23 Guild stats were balanced in relation to each other and to their respective guild level amount. Juggelo News (updates 831) Guilds which lost something: Aelena, Kharim (-2con, -1dex), Tzarakk. Guilds which gained something: Druids, Tarmalen. Guilds which had small tweaks which stats are given: Liberator.
Tune/2010/07/24/1 2010/07/24 NPC pirate ships actually know how to move now. Tarken mnavy-channel
Tune/2010/07/24/2 2010/07/24 "If you haven't noticed already, those NPC pirates that litter the realms, once sitting ducks and a pile of exp and gold have now begun to strike back and fight with a little more 'attitude.' The first step in several changes to the sea of ship PvP, in the coming days they will soon begin to act a little bit more 'realistic' and a lot less like targets on a shooting range. Whilst this new addition brings more risk to your adventures at sea, the rewards will certainly be equally as balanced to those that step up to defend the seas against the plight of piracy for those who have chosen to make their living from trade. There have also been rumors that members of the Maritime Industry, in an attempt to protect their investments, have begun to fund a navy to protect the seas from the plundering of their precious cargo as well as new opportunities for adventurers to profit at sea." Tarken News (inform 772)
Tune/2010/07/27/1 2010/07/27 Nuns can now recite the scroll themself by the sphere after restoring it. It is no longer needed to get synod member to do it. Effective immediately. Zin News guilds.nun (110)
Tune/2010/07/28/1 2010/07/28 After boot Damogran shouldn't be so sexist anymore and accepts bow/curtsey from all sexes. Also, bow <to/at> should work. Malar helperc-channel
Tune/2010/07/28/2 2010/07/28 You can now lite different type messages in battle in different colours. View "help style" to see the correct syntax. Enandor News updates 832
Tune/2010/07/30/1 2010/07/30 The command 'target' with no parameters will now target the monster you are in combat with IF (a) You have no current target (b) You are only in combat with one monster. Moss News updates 833
Tune/2010/08/02/1 2010/08/02 You can now use 'target' for heal spells. If you 'target' a party member then when casting heal spells with no target, they will be cast on that party member. This change does not effect the normal enemy-targetting functionality. Moss News updates 834
Tune/2010/08/05/1 2010/08/05 If you purchase a ship from the ship shop, you will not be able to hire specials for that particular ship for a period of time (approximately 24hrs). Moss News updates 835
Tune/2010/08/12/1 2010/08/12 New command introduced: 'help recommand'. Acidia News updates 836
Tune/2010/09/06/1 2010/09/06 Lucentium has gotten its own continent quest. Seek in the city of seagulls and look for the hangover gnome. Report any bugs to me. Blasterr News (updates 842)
Tune/2010/09/08/1 2010/09/08 "You have been downtuned. Praise goes to ?ohothegreat for finding the bug." Dralith Tunes-channel
Tune/2010/09/10/1 2010/09/10 It was brought to my attention that certain rare items, such as the mask of Jason Vorhees, have absolutely insane stats but are nonsavable. Fair enough. But they're also worth about 50% of Ultimate Reaver energy, which isn't quite what I was going for.

From now on, no one individual kill/destruct will be worth more than 10% of Ultimate reaver energy. Since 10% of Ultimate is about 30 MEGA's, I don't forsee this as a major issue.

In an unrelated note, I think I just got an idea for a new reaver hidden quest.

Shinarae news (guilds.reaver 102)
Tune/2010/09/10/2 2010/09/10 Starting at reboot, all potions of protect armour/weapon/item, and all potions

of feather weight, will be made with 6 doses instead of 2.

Shinarae News (guilds.alchemists 100)
Tune/2010/09/10/3 2010/09/10 I found the torch creation quests to be boring and so I removed them. In compensation, the cost of your first ranger boon is reduced by five. Effective immediately. Shinarae News (guilds.ranger 175)
Tune/2010/09/10/4 2010/09/10 The restriction that you can only complete the thief or the assassin questlines has been removed. You can now do both, meaning that LQ79 and LQ90 are now possible by the same person. All previous completion data has been wiped, so all mortals are eligible for these quests, even if they've already been awarded before. Obviously, there's no point in getting the same LQ twice.

Trilloch himself has received an across-the-board combat upgrade, and will stay on the ground for longer periods of time to make use of it.

Shinarae News (updates 843)
Tune/2010/09/26/1 2010/09/26 remove all weapon / remove all from held / all similiar ones should no longer remove cloth items aswell, report to me if you notice any odd behavior. Freld News (updates 853)
Tune/2010/09/29/1 2010/09/29 Starting next boot, if you are the set owner of a chest and were the last one to close and lock it, you will not need to turn the locks on your chest.

NOTE: You will have to also unlock+open+close your chest once before this will take effect.

Hopefully now it's a little easier and less annoying to protect your goods from thievery.

Tarken News (updates 859)
Tune/2010/10/03/1 2010/10/03 Aura of Hate is no longer bound to guild level like it used to, it now has wisdom as affecting stat like it should. Report bugs or odd behavior to me. Oh, and casting it without proper alignment might not be too smart. Freld News (updates 860)
Tune/2010/10/05/1 2010/10/06 As stated earlier on nun channel, soul shield can now be refreshed, it also didn't check vials for protecting against stat curses hence, that was fixed. Formula for the spell itself was revised a bit also, send thanks to Brock and report any odd behavior or bugs to me. Freld Nun guild channel, news guilds.nun 112
Tune/2010/10/08/1 2010/10/08 Earth power had some stacking issues, which have now been resolved. It now stacks like almost any other stat-giving spell, i.e. it doesn't. In particular, it shouldn't stack with glory of destruction anymore, no matter which spell you cast first.

Earth power was given a small uptune in effect to make up for this.

Shinarae news updates 863
Tune/2010/10/24/1 2010/10/24 The 'go' spell was uptuned to allow more precise distances when using the directions instead of memorized locations. More details from the spell help. Report any bugs regarding the distance modifiers to me with the 'bug' command. Blasterr news updates 870
Tune/2010/11/03/1 2010/11/03 Players with no-wield limbs, like minotaur horns, can now use them for casting harm spells. Bear in mind you take a substantial hit penalty for doing this, but it is possible. Shinarae news updates 875
Tune/2010/11/18/1 2010/11/18 The last missing continent quest has been added to the continent of Desolathya. Seek the monster called Toshiaki, for he will have a task waiting for you. Telling him 'location' or 'where' will help your search. I will monitor the monster performance and fine tune him if necessary, I hope everything goes fine right from the beginning.

As usual, report any bugs or weird behaviour directly to me via the 'bug' command (help bug).

Blasterr news updates 879
Tune/2010/12/28/1 2010/12/28 Moratar cain, Moreod, Valentina got 22d rape prots. Juggelo Tunes channel
Tune/2011/01/09/1 2011/01/09 While vampiric blow is still chaotic and random, maybe a bit less like that now. Darol Kharim guild channel
Tune/2011/01/09/2 2011/01/09 There was a small problem with aura of chaos not working at all with certain prots (such as flex shield, issue should be fixed now. Darol Kharim guild channel
Tune/2011/02/20/1 2011/02/20 Something was changed in lamps and it affects something that happens sometimes. Freld tunes channel Probably means that the "lamp event" was changed somehow.
Tune/2014/07/17/1 2014/07/17 'who idle' added. Ggr Tunes Channel