An amulet of POWER

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This amulet seems to have a certain ambiance around it that screams power. It's made from some kind of black stone. But when the light hits it just right it appears dark red, blood red.
It contains a tale;
This amulet was constructed at the request of Queen Selene. Her third son, Stilton, was rummoured to have been born with no little toes, and small bones. This amulet was made to help Stilt, thats what she called him, get around. It also helped his sickly condition by keeping him healthy.
Armour type: Amulet
Stats: +random str, up to 5?
It looks Light weight (1.4 kg)
Sacvalue: 210k (5str version)
It is called amulet and identified as 'amulet of power' and 'amulet'
It takes the following slot: Amulet
Made of: bloodstone
Size: Missing size
Quality: flawed
From: Giantkillers, Queen