Beautiful transparent longbow

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beautiful transparent longbow <red glow>
This longbow is almost completely transparent. The horsehair string and leather handle are the only fully visible parts of it. The slender curved bow shimmers in the faintest light, bending light a bit when it passes through.
Weapon type: Longbow
Stats: +6 dex, sheds light
It looks Light weight (0.485 kg)
Sacvalue: 562.6k
It is called longbow and identified as 'longbow', 'beautiful longbow', 'bow', 'elven bow' and 'elven longbow'.
Made of 80% enchanted air, 10% fur, 10% leather
Size: Small
Quality: Perfect
From: Nillirou the elven masterbard, Elven outpost
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Heft data:

Size 53, Str 43: Beautiful transparent longbow feels very light in your might want a larger weapon.