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=Easy work=
=Easy work=
==Complete the channeler gear pack==
The Feldspar have long trusted channelers for their arcane energy, partly
because they're so good at making things. However, the channelers we brought
with us are always asking for more supplies. I need to keep them happy so they
can focus on their work. Grab a few things they asked for.
==Kill 5 incompetent goblims==
==Kill 5 incompetent goblims==

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List of different daily tasks you can get from Secretary Fingledrell, humanoid resources director. Only task and 'assemble kit/pack' info, no guides on how to do them.

ask secretary about easy work / medium work / hard word / ultra hard work

ask secretary about aborting (can do after 1 hour of starting task, but gives -favor)

ask secretary about completed

Completing task gives experience, money and favors.

  • Easy work: 10k exp, 2500 gold coins and 50 favor.
  • Medium work: 40k exp, 1000 platinum coins and 50 favor. (2000 max)
  • Hard work: 90k exp, 225 batium coins and 100 favor.(3000 max)
  • Ultra work: 150k exp, 50 mithril and 100 favor. (4000 max)

Favors can be spent at the Feldspar Conglomerate.


Easy work

Complete the channeler gear pack

The Feldspar have long trusted channelers for their arcane energy, partly because they're so good at making things. However, the channelers we brought with us are always asking for more supplies. I need to keep them happy so they can focus on their work. Grab a few things they asked for.

Kill 5 incompetent goblims

The Goblin Citadel is a contractual opportunity, but we can't seem to move on it. Goblins normally work long hours on the chap, but these guys are stonewalling us. Too many of them are fat, stupid, or lazy, and it's dragging the deal down. Thin out the weak and we might get somewhere. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it.

Find the Noble Crest outside Soy's Tower

We continue to look for allies we can bribe, and we continue to struggle. Finding older, richer, more powerful families is not as easy as we'd hoped. If we can't get the information from the living, that leaves the dead. Find the graveyard near the tower of the vampire Soy, a known mage of noble descent, and find proof for us.

Kill 3 Dunamor canines

The inhabitants of Dunamor would make worthy trading partners, but they seem to have a vampire problem. I don't know if you're up for vampire hunting, but you can help kill the 'children of the night' instead. Kill any wolves in the area, or anything that looks like a wolf. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it.

Get six pairs of pairs of socks

We have a lot of soldiers, we have a lot of workers, and because of that, we have a lot of requests for supplies. One that keeps coming up over and over are socks. With so many people on their feet for so long, they're wearing through them -- and boots without socks is a damn tragedy. Get six pairs of socks for us.

Kill 3 pixie drakes

Every day, the farmers of Millie's Nightmare have another excuse. Can you believe 'pixie dragons' is on the latest one? Whatever. There's apparently a lot of them. Go make there be fewer, but don't get in over your head. Stick to the small ones. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it.

Kill 5 Dunamor sheep and goats

It never gets any easier. We're expanding, and looking to add to our supplies. Namely, wool. Problem is, one of the local suppliers, Dunamor, isn't responding to our polite requests for trade. So, I'm sending you with an impolite request. Murder some of their sheep and goats so they get the message. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it.

Get the Heiroglyph Rune from the Tarackia Pyramid

We rely, maybe over-rely, on channelers to get our arcane work done. We're looking to expand, and the local runemages have been helpful. The more we know about their magic, the better. Find an ancient rune in an ancient place and bring it back for study. There's a pyramid tomb in Tarackia that should work.

Medium work

Get 100 ruby bolts

A lot of our guards tote crossbows, and they tend to use 'bolt burst' when threatened. So, they're chewing through ammo like it's water, when it's more like gold. Bring back some ruby bolts, or at least bolts with ruby heads. Fifty sounds good, but a hundred sounds better.

Kill 5 Kaveril civilians

Again, the foolishness of some people ends up costing us money. The negotiations with the people of Kaveril have fallen apart, and they won't supply us with hired guards even for 80% of our standard rates. You'll have to demonstrate to them that their guards aren't infallible. Kill the gateguard, and then kill a bunch of civilians, to let them get the message.

Complete the beast research kit

The animals in these lands are new and foreign to us. But there are plenty of resources to be gained: leather, feathers, meat, you name it. If you could get some animal corpses for us -- ANIMALS not people -- we could find that very useful. Oh, and variety is important, so look for the less common beasts as you go.

Get a potion with a healing spell

The Feldspar don't have allegiencies with a lot of gods, especially not many in these lands. As such, our ability to heal injuries on the job are limited to first aid and other supplements. Healing potions are a classic standby. Get an alchemist potion with _any_ healing spell.

Complete the tool repair kit

Step one for our productive workforce is getting them good tools. But step two is keeping those tools in working order, without having to replace them so often. Here's a list of bits and pieces our foremen can use to keep the axes sharp and the hammers pounding.

Kill Shybil, Flick, and the Prince of Darkness

Our attempts to make contact with the civilized folk of the Mythical Valley have run into a snag. Malicious forces block our attempts at diplomacy. We need them removed. Find the thief Flick, the witch Shybil, and the Prince of Darkness, and kill them all.

Get a high-quality cut topaz gem

We remain interested in sources of easily-portable currency, and gems are high on our list. Quantity is good, but at some point, quality becomes better. We need a a cut topaz gemstone, and make it a good one.

Kill Brimshire policeman Frederick

The people of Brimshire have been slow to accept our trade arrangements and offers of security forces. It's time to encourage them. In town, there is but one policeman. Kill him, or his wife, and the rest of the town will come around.

Kill five Highlanders

We've taken another defense contract, in our ongoing efforts to secure favor with the locals. This time, the village of Sunderland, which is under attack by highlanders. Make a point of killing a few of them to show the villagers our willingness to adhere to the terms of the contract, so they will adhere to theirs.

Kill an Iron Golem in Tiburcio Toweer

As finding skilled, competent, low-cost workers continues to be a problem for us, we've been branching out into golems. Unfortunately, our channelers keep mentioning something called 'feedback' from other golems in the area. They've traced one back to Tiburcio Tower. Break it.

Kill four Bloodworms

Our attempts to get fresh produce from local sources continues to meet new and sarcastic-quotes 'fun' obstacles. In particular, in the village of Buckthorn Valley, they are complaining about giant, aggressive vermin known as 'bloodworms' harassing the farmers and livestock. Take a few of them out so they can get back to working for us and supplying our troops.

Kill the Farsmith Family in Calythen

Very little aggravates the Feldspar more than blatant rejection. We were counting on a very specific smith, one dwarf Ferin Farsmith, to

Kill a Desolathya tavern owner

Our supplies are low, and amongst the one we need the most is a stable food supply. Desolathya is loaded with food, but too much of it goes to other establishments. Find and kill one of the restaurant, pub, bar or tavern owners on this continent to free up some food delivery to our cause. We have the names 'Tika Waylan', 'Bobby', and 'Shaun Caraugh' here, but there might be others who qualify.

Get the channeler report from Tiburcio Tower

As we continue to research golems in these lands, we follow up on any leads on them we can get. We heard about some stone golems in the tower of Tiburcio's Castle, and one of our channelers was dispatched to buy information on its construction. He has not returned. Get his report, regardless of his condition.

Destroy the skeleton of the luckless adventurer

The Feldspar don't do charity, but we do sometimes want to curry favor with those who do. One of the rich, powerful families we want to ally with lost a member some time ago, adventuring in the maze of Zorn. We need confirmation of his death, no matter the form in which you find the body.

Kill 5 Ruins of El Deagnoh looters

Ugh! We have a crack team of miners ready to loot some ancient ruins, but it turns out, they weren't the first ones there! Head that way, kill a few, and leave their bodies to rot in the sun to act as a warning to the rest.

File five hunting claims

As we try to organize our ranks here, we're trying to keep everyone involved without tripping over each other. It's not always easy. Some of our craftsmen need animal parts, meat, bone, leather. Others enjoy hunting for sport. Find five prime hunting locations, with enough quantity or quality of animals nearby to keep them happy.

Bring back the metal sample from the Caves of Orac

The Knights of Orac weren't receptive to our attempts to establish diplomatic contact. However, our envoys did return with stories of their white metal armour. Naturally, we're interested in anything that might give us an advantage or profit. See if you can find some of that metal in its purer form, before it is turned into armour or weapons, and bring it back.

Complete the strong ogre gear pack

Some of our ogres are showing potential to be more than brute labour or intimidating guards. We'd like to make a kind of shock trooper unit, a 'brute squad' if you will, and need them to have the right gear for the role. See what you can find.

  • Large bludgeoning weapon, steel strength or better
  • Armour for both legs
  • Any fur item 1500g+
  • Hammer, hand-axe, boar spear, or 5kg+ chunk of
  • unrefined metal/stone/gemstone/glass to throw
  • Two pieces of raw meat or fish

Kill Celaeno the Harpy

Some of our merchant scouts came back from Hagstate, wounded badly. They told a story of a bird-human monster that they got too close to, but the city refuses to put the beast down. So, that's your job. Kill the harpy Celaeno.

Assault the Cathedral

Our supply boats, while looking for safe harbour, found an island with a dark Cathedral. Thinking it was a haven, they found the opposite -- monsters of evil ruining a perfectly good island stronghold. Take out some of the stronger monsters, and our forces can clean up the rest. Use your discretion: don't get killed.

Kill three slavers in the Burning Village

One of the villages we tried to work with -- one known for fields of valuable grain -- is, apparently, under attack. And on fire. And now, slavers are running off with the farmers. Slavery is acceptable, but stealing our business contacts is not. Kill three of the slavers to stop this.

Complete the ration requisition

There's a lot of us here, more on the way, and we don't have time or landspace to start growing crops. Hunting is a stopgap at best. What we need is a supply of purchased food items, and we need to know what the options are. Take this box, go to the food stores, grocers and restaurants in the area, and BUY foodstuffs for us.

Get the roster from the lizardman barracks

We've heard of a group of lizardmen -- ugh, don't get me started on them -- on the south end of this continent, gearing up for battle. Likely, they are in league with our enemies, or if not, soon will be. We need to get out in front of this. Find a list of their soldiers so we can blackmail them.

Kill five citizens of the Caves of Orac

We've tried the carrot plenty of times, but some people won't listen to reason. The inhabitants of the Caves of Orac won't help us, it's always 'wah wah wah, something book something'. Remind them there are consequences for their actions and kill some of the civilians. Don't be a hero, avoid the guards.

Get 100 oak bolts

A lot of our guards tote crossbows, and they tend to use 'bolt burst' when threatened. So, they're chewing through ammo like it's water, when it's more like gold. Bring back some oak bolts, or at least bolts with oak heads. Fifty sounds good, but a hundred sounds better.

Recover the ring from the Tralpecktor graveyard

A lot of rich, old families are prime alliance material. We just need a way to get a foot in the door. See if you can find a family item in the graveyard of Tralpecktor.

Survey five Merchant carts

We have some information of use on the shops and stores in various cities, but they never seem to have top of the line items. Within the Guild of Merchants, there are special movable shops on carts, which might have more of what we want. Find five and catalogue their contents on these forms.

Recover the unholy water from the Cathedral

The Feldspar isn't particular religious, but we know there's an advantage to be held by pleasing the local pantheon. There's a Cathedral on an island off the coast, and we could use some kind of offering or symbol from inside.

Kill 5 Zorn skeletons

Some of our transport mages have suggested the Zorn maze has resources we could use, but the area is loaded with skeletons! Thin them out so our guards can protect them as they investigate.

Get the ore sample from the Mythical Vally cave

Our surveyors and geologists are always interested in new materials we can use or exploit for profit. Mines are costly to dig, so we prefer to look in already-existing caves when possible. One such has been found in the Mythical Valley. See if you can find a good sample from there to work with.

Complete the soldier survey

Mercenaries will only get us so far against a trained an organized military. We need to know what we're up against, in case some of the locals find our expansion...aggressive. Take this report and check out the stronger soldiers in the area, and bring it back for analysis.

Kill five Calythien sewer beasts

Nothing would help our forces out more than easy magical gear. We keep hearing stories about enchanted sewer rings, but the place is a well-guarded maze. Hit the Calythien sewers and kill some of the inhabitants.

Kill named Mage Tower residents

We're working on a defensive situation here. Our spellcasters are far more used to crafting than combat, and we understand that's not common in these lands. There's a Mage Tower nearby, and the spellcasters there could be turned against us. Strike first to make sure that doesn't happen.

Complete the sturdy lumber kit

We're gathering materials left and right, but at some point, quality will be more important than quantity. Or better buildings, such as our executive offices, will need better wood than crap-level pine and peartree. Get some wood samples for us, locally if possible, of lumber that's better than 'wood'.

Get the manifest from Zorn's Mine

We're working out deals with as many local crafters as we can. One of the supplies we need is coal for our forges, which are going 24/7. Some of our suppliers are being cautious with estimates of their ability to deliver. We need better info to make a better deal. Steal the mining manifest from Zorn's coal mine and bring it back so we have the upper hand.

Get a high-quality cut emerald gem

We remain interested in sources of easily-portable currency, and gems are high on our list. Quantity is good, but at some point, quality becomes better. We need a a cut emerald gemstone, and make it a good one.

Get a high-quality poisoned weapon

Life doesn't play fair. Naturally, we're interested in playing _less_ fair. It seems that everyone and his brother has a poisoned weapon nowadays, and half the animals on this wretched continent seem venomous as well. We need a sample of weapon poison to study, but it may as well be on a high-quality weapon so we can use it after research is done, so 'great' or better.

Bring back barley from Burning Village

As we've just arrived, we're looking for food supplies. Grain would be idea for bread and alcohol products, plus it's dirt cheap. We've heard of a large, productive mill in a village nearby, but the village is under attack. Don't let a good thing go to waste: procure some of that grain for us.

Kill three mongrelmen

As we continue to try to find places for our ships to land and exchange cargo, we continue to find dangerous opposition. The Seashore Tower would be a great place to dock, but the whole area is plagued by mongrelmen.

Leave offerings at the Dwarf, Gnome, Human and Ogre shrines

The pantheon of these lands is new to us, and while we don't follow it per se, we have no intention of offending powerful spirits, either. The vast majority of our ranks are dwarves and gnomes, with human and ogre mercenaries too. Take this box and make offerings at those four shrines.

Kill Ministers in Sunderland

The Feldspar are used to dealing with beauracratic red tape, but some places are beyond even our ability to deal. Sunderland in particular is stalling our attempts to reach trade deals with committee after committee. We need this gridlock broken. Kill three of their Ministers, and the rest will get the idea.

Subdue the Rampant Iron Golem

As we're still low on workers, we've had to rely on golems for some of our manual labour. Problem is, they don't always work properly. One of our iron golems is damaged and has gone rampant. We need it back, intact. If you can repair the damage, that should do it, otherwise find some other way to trap a 1000-kilo chunk of walking iron.

Kill the Neon Knight in the Toxic Castle

Reports have come in of a castle we thought would be good for trade, but the inhabitants are, well, toxic. One in particular was a knight flashing in many colours, who killed some of our envoys. This cannot stand.

Get six dex foods

Break time is time lost. We would much rather have our workers eat on site, and our guards eat at their post, then leaving to hit a meal hall and run the risk of socializing. Some dex food to keep on-hand will ensure our employees do their job, like they're paid to do.

Hard work

Hire the mercenary captain

We're looking to add to our current selection of guards in a big way. For now, that means hired mercenaries. There's one in particular advertising in Arelium that seems promising. Find him and negotiate a deal, but NO VIOLENCE. We don't want bad P.R. or our name being linked to an assault charge.

Kill the vampire Jacobi

As we try to gain allies, such as those in Dunamor, we find enemies as well. One is the vampire known as Jacobi, with no small amount of power and influence. We need him out of the way. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it. This item is in good condition.

Fill the cannibalize crate

Our crafters are always looking for odds and ends. Random pieces and parts turn out be useful more times than you think, and if all else fails, most items can be scrapped for their components. This is about variety and quantity here, so don't waste the good stuff.

Kill 3 elite Tyranicus guards

More information has been brought to us about the lizardmen pushing Tyranicus to sign up with our enemies. This cannot be allowed to happen. The names are Fealock Longtow, Scala Natook, Shezar Ripclaw, Sslith Headbanger, Stracca Rabidfang, and Mangore Lockjaw. If you kill, I dunno, half of them, the other half might get the idea and back off.

Get a Soul Crystal from the Celestial Caverns

Since we've arrived, our healing spells seem to have faltered. Apparently, whatever god rules healing here thinks we're not 'good' enough. But we have a plan. The Celestial Caverns are loade dwith angelic creatures, and their very energy should have saturated the area. Get a purified sample, and we'll see what we can do.

Defend the Village Under Attack

Curse our luck! We FINALLY work out a trade deal -- a small one, with a farming village in the center of the continent -- and they get set on fire! We can't catch a break. Hell, the attackers are taking pride in their handiwork. Go out there and repel the attack.

Disperse 3 Brigade guards in the Broken Forest

Our attempts at making diplomatic contact have been hitting snags left and right. We found a castle in the Broken Forest, and were immediately set upon by Brigade demons! We might not be able to make deals with them, but revenge is another matter. Take out three of their guards.

Kill the Mantis Queen

We have an unusual number of problems that stem to mantis warriors. Based on our intel, we think we have a source. The Mantis Queen, last seen in the Valley of Silence, has a small army of mantis warriors and is laying eggs to raise more. If she's really against us, this needs to end now.

Get 150 high quality oak bolts

We're drawing some ire from the locals for...oh, some ethics violation or other, who can keep track. Anyhow, we want our guards ready for 'customer service' and can't afford to come up short. Load them up with high-quality crossbow bolts, made from oak, so we can 'process' their complaints when they arrive. One-fifty should do it.

Get 150 high quality steel bolts

We're drawing some ire from the locals for...oh, some ethics violation or other, who can keep track. Anyhow, we want our guards ready for 'customer service' and can't afford to come up short. Load them up with high-quality crossbow bolts, made from steel, so we can 'process' their complaints when they arrive. One-fifty should do it.

Complete the bivouac kit

We're looking to expand our field presence, and that means getting our mercenary guards out there to protect the workers. Making a fortified campsite involves a few things -- tree clearing, fire building, ditch digging, etc. Those things require tools. Get some and return.

  • Two tents, bedrolls, or sleeping bags
  • Pick or digging shovel
  • Tie-able string or rope (to suspend Feldspar banner, not included)
  • Refined charcoal 500g+ or heatstick with 5+ segments
  • Container with 10+ liters of water
  • Two food items

Kill the Cold Queen and the Wendigo Warrior

We're making some progress in Sunderland, but it's not going as well as we'd like. We suspect that outside influences are keeping the town from dealing with us, possibly out of fear. Our scouts report two people, the Cold Queen and Ulmat Sumtra, could be involved. Don't take chances. Kill them both.

Kill Undead in Tralpecktor Tower

We've been getting reports of our agents being attacked under the orders of 'the Inquisitor', an undead in Tralpecktor. Apparently he has a sizable force of undead, mostly skeletons, under his command. We won't have our authority questioned. Destroy his minions, and if possible, him as well.

Get the Ley Line Tome from Tralpecktor Tower

Our channelers constantly complain about the lack of magical energy they have to work with, and have requested more resources. They've said something about 'ley lines' which I frankly don't understand. There's a tower nearby, and from what I understand, there's potential there. See what you can beg, borrow, or steal from the residents of Tralpecktor.

Guard the bunker construction site

We're working on the construction of a fireproof emergency bunker nearby, but this wasn't on the schedule. As such, all our guards are stationed elsewhere. There are no walls or fences to keep the rabble out, either. Get over there, pick a patrol route, and kill any intruders on site. Sight? Whatever. Oh, and if the workers ask you to lend a hand, get a party invite first.

Work on the bunker construction site

We've recently been told by an external reviewer that our camp here is, well, 'a tinderbox of wood and paper'. And that's before he learned about the alcohol. So, we're taking his _very_ expensive advice and building a fireproof emergency bunker nearby. Right now, we need the base gruntwork out of the way, but all our workers are tied up with previous commitments. Bring all the EPR you can get, form a party of unskilled (or skilled) labourers, and make some progress. Oh, and if anyone trespasses on the grounds, do the guards a favor and kill them.

Dig up the Lost Supplies

Some of our scouts were in the Mythical Valley, exploring the desert for...I dunno, probably another pyramid. Anyhow, they were spotted by hostile forces and were forced to flee, leaving some of their supplies they'd buried in a cache. We need them back. Bring a shovel.

Kill 5 Necorp mercenaries

We're looking to recruit mercenaries, as you may have heard, but some other groups are waging economic war with us. By offering higher payment, they stifle our ability to get any form of help. Head for Millie's Nightmare, find the Necorp mercenaries, and put a dent in their ranks.

Kill 5 thrikhren pyramid soldiers

We have found a list of names, provided by your low-level colleagues, of enemies to our cause. Mantis warriors strike out from a pyramid in the desert in the southwest of this continent. Tallon Mangleclaw, Sierteeg Ragnaroc, Sartaag Nezertr, Gnarzz Yzenteg, and Gnarzz Yzenteg are listed as the primary culprits. Kill them.

Pick 30 fresh thistles

Our runemages and channelers won't shut up about how useful 'fresh' plants are. It's getting annoying. Problem is, objectively, they're right. So now, we need a buttload of them. That's 30 samples of thistle, just so we're clear.

Fill the fuel harvester

We're constantly low on fuel. Lamp oil is difficult to get in these lands, and we don't have a good supply left. Some of our gnome researchers gave us a list of acceptable sources, and this...thing...to acquire them. Take this keg contraption around and see what kind of fuel you can collect in it to keep us up and running.

Possible items to harvest

  • certain plants, such as wheat and corn
  • certain raw materials, such as coal and sulphur
  • dead marine animals, such as whales
  • raw meat and fish
  • certain light sources, such as lamps and lanterns

Syntax: harvest <item in inventory or on ground>

Corpse of 'a baby blue whale' worth 71%. Corpse of 'a small and playful dolphin' worth >= 29%. Shark corpses aren't harvest-able.

Complete the office decour guide

This mission's kind of nonstandard. As we set up our new offices, we'll need the usual trappings, windows, tables, yadda yadda yadda. We have interior designers on staff, but none of them have the local experience. We need something that puts our guets at ease, not remind them how 'foreign' we are. Take this sketch pad and survey different furnishings, and bring it back so our design team can make use of it.

Get six pairs of rubber socks

Our workers are on their feet more often than they'd like, but not as often as we'd like. Feet are a common complaint. Perhaps if we had socks that weren't just waterproof and sweatproof, but provided maximum cushioning, they'd at least complain less. Get six pairs of rubber socks.

Get a large poisoned or asphyxiated corpse

Our researchers are still looking over the poisoned and asphyxiated corpses brought by our less skilled hirees, but it's harder to work with the smaller subjects they bring in. We need something large enough to really get a look inside. Fifty-five kilograms sounds about right, about halfway between dwarf and human average.

Get the Brimshire seal

The royal family of Brimshire goes back a long way, to the first king, William. That was a while ago, of course, but we've been tracing as many ancient lineages as possible. Heraldry is key. If you could find an ancient royal symbol we could use, that would be very helpful. Expect such an item to be well-hidden and well-guarded. 14 28 27

Get a 25kg tough sculpture with 'strike' action

We're still in need of practice dummies, but now, we're looking for ones that are just a touch more advanced. So it still needs to be 25kg and it still needs to be at least as tough as steel, but it also needs to respond to the strike verb.

Get proof of identification from a Dunamor grave

If you can say one thing about vampires, it's that they have have the same attachment to family as nobility, but the bloodline is more...direct. Check the forest around Berul to see if you can find any proof of 'heredity' to the vampire Jacobi.

Complete the max quality worker gear pack

We have shipments and deliveries of tools, light sources, and other gear coming in somewhat regularly, but a lot of it is crap quality. Never send a newbie to do a highbie's job. When we send our workers out to the furthest ends of this continent, we don't need them coming back over and over with dull axe blades or concussions. Get them the gear they need to stay out in the field for the maximum time, and bring it here.

  • An axe
  • A knife
  • A rope
  • A shovel or crowbar
  • Head armour
  • Rig-slot armour
  • All non-rope tools and garb must be steel-strength or harder and at least 'good' condition.
  • 100g+ illimium, cesium, kryptonite or iridium raw material piece
  • A pair of socks (clothing)

Complete the ultimate lumber kit

From axe handles to wagon axles, we're always in the market for wood. But for some things, quality beats quantity. Ebony and mallorn are two of the most effective wood types, and can be used for reagents as well. Make sure those are on the list, and none of that 'wood' crap, either.

Kill the silver dragon in the Celestial Caverns

Our attempts to find raw materials continues above and under ground. One excellent source, the Celestial Caverns, is unfortunately guarded. We need the cavern's primary guardian, a large silver dragon, removed before we can continue.

Kill 3 guards at Laku's Temple Garden

We're having a bit of a diplomacy fail here. We've been sending envoys and scouts to different places, but for some reason, they keep getting attacked! The guards in the garden of Laku's Temple are a primary source of concern. Retaliate

Kill 3 named Tinmen in the Monastery

I've seen some odd stuff in my time, but this is one of the oddest. We're seeing a slowdown in scrap metal delivery, because some of it IS BEING EATEN. What gives? Orders are being redirected to the Tinmen Monastery. This is unacceptable. We have a list of names -- Coppertone, Gearbox, Tom Servo, etc -- but it's pretty extensive. Just kill three of them. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it.

Get a bright green potion of CCW

Your lower-level colleagues have been setting up our alchemists, but we'll take whatever supplimental supplies we can get. As always, healing potions are welcome, as our healing magic is rather limited. What we need is a reserve cache for our admins or VIPs, so make it the good stuff.

Get four cha meals

We have to keep the workers and guards fed, but that's not the difficult thing. They'll eat what we ration them. The problem is our highers-up, clerks, record-keepers, spellcasters, that sort of thing. They need better food, namely, master chef meals. Get four with cha in them.

Find the ancient relic in the Valley of Silence Shrine

Our attempts to gain the acceptance, or tolerance at least, of the local pantheon is, well, not going smoothly. It seems that offerings at racial shrines only goes so far. Something stronger might be called for. There is a shrine in the Valley of Silence, ancient, that might have a kind of proto-pantheon relic -- something that applies to multiple gods at once. Get one and bring it back.

Find an Elemental Shard from Tiburcio Tower

Our alchemists have asked for something a little nonstandard. Elemental parts have their use in research, apparently, but killing and looting elemental corpses will only go so far. A pure source would last so much longer. There's a tower with connecting portals to all four elements nearby, and surely at least ONE of them will be open. Get a pure source for us.

Kill the General of the Legion

We continue to push for resources from nearby areas, including the farms of Millie's Nightmare. We have hit a blockade, and it must be broken. The leader is Seceh, a General of the Legion, and he will not listen to our negotiators. Find another forms of communication. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it.

Kill Haliban

As we continue to try to gain footing here, some of the more unusual races reject our diplomacy and requests for materials. The mongrelmen are one such race. We've heard that a mage, going by Haliban, might be in charge. Kill him to set the rest of his race straight. You should be able to find him in the Seashore Tower.

Kill Utash Eoworiand

We have plans to develop here, and that includes paperwork. Some of it needed to be turned in last month, but we have a bypass. Calythen documents are often stored in the bank, and we could slip it in. But the bankguard is noteworthy, being extra vigilant. You're going to remove him.

Kill 5 Orac defenders

The Knights of Orac have taken up a protective position on the mine they're sitting on. We've made some fair offers, including protection, but have been refused. Demonstrate the mistake they have made. Kill Orac knights and soldiers until our point is clear. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it.

Disable Brimshire's leadership

Our attempts to negotiate with Brimshire have ended. They refused even our best offers, and now they must be brought in line. Kill Mayor Reiligh and city guard Sir John. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it.

Complete the curio collection kit

Another letter from the boss, asking for exceedingly specific details, forms in triplicate, and...ugh. The usual. Do me a favor and get some items that should keep him distracted. The odder, the better. Hit some areas, find some of the less standard things lying around, and maybe make one of them really expensive too. Throw in a book while you're at it.

  • 10 area specific items needed.
  • 1-3 need a performable action (ie turn dial)
  • 1 needs to be worth more than 1k
  • 1 should be a book with turnable pages


Get the Heretic List from Satan's Crypt

We continue to hit religious obstacles in these foreign lands, as the gods and spirits aren't familiar to us. We've been trying to bribe them with shrine offerings, but clearly more must be done. Blackmail has worked for us in the past. We've heard of a Pope, beheaded for heresy, who may have had a list of other heretics. If we had that list, we could use it.

Ultra work


Sabotage the Meadowshire Fountain

Meadowshire is a little nothing, a farm run by hobbits. We made them a perfectly good, almost fair offer for their crops, and they turned us down, siding instead with the Efiilas. Such insults are unforgivable, but a full-out assault will only bring sympathy to the Efiilas and therefore more allies. You'll need to handle this quietly. Meadowshire has only one real source of water, the fountain in the plaza. Poison it. Be creative, but be cautious.

Kill Meadowshire farmers

We cannot allow the Efiilas to gain through deals with somethin as trivial as a farm filled with unarmed hobbits. Show Meadowshire the error of their ways by murdering as many of their farmers and shepherds as you can find. Even if they don't get the message, their production will plummet. Either way, we win. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it.

Convince the Meadowshire leaders to defect

We have learned that the higher-ups in the Meadowshire civil service have agreed to a good deal with the Efiilas...but not us. This is an unacceptable situation. Go visit them and break the deal. Bribe them, threaten them, lie to them or convince them that they've made a poor choice. And, if all else fails, you could just murder the lot of them. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it.

Survey the Meadowshire shops and buy the best stuff

The Efiilas have been making a deal with the village of Meadowshire, and they're bringing a lot of money with them. We need information on what they're getting, and just as importantly, we can't let them get the good stuff without us. Take this survey form, head for Meadowshire, and survey all the shops there. Also, buy the most expensive item in each shop, and hand them over with the survey, just to be sure.

Kill the Efiilas Emissary and Guards in Meadowshire

The Efiilas have sent a diplomat to make ties with the locals, no doubt begging for scraps of food. So unbecoming of royalty. You can kill a bunch of birds with one stone here. Murder the diplomat and any guards in broad daylight, ending any ties and scaring the citizens of Meadowshire away from making a pact later.

Rob the Meadowshire shops

We don't know what the Efiilas want from the shops in Meadowshire, but they've been headin that way with large piles of cash, repeatedly. It's time to sow the seeds of mistrust. Steal an item from each shop in Meadowshire, and make sure the shopkeepers don't see you do it. If this works, they'll assume it was the Efiilas, and any deals they have will be broken. Bring me the stolen items for records.

Loot the Meadowshire Warehouse

The hobbits of Meadowshire are trying to make a deal with the Efiilas, earning our wrath. You're going to hit them where it hurts, namely, their stash of supplies. Find a way to get inside their warehouse and take everything of value you find. We don't care what you do with it, but leave them with nothing.

Destroy Meadowshire's farms

Meadowshire has been making deals with the Efiilas instead of us. This cannot stand. Get over there, destroy as much of their farming assets as you can, and don't bother being subtle about it. Land, crops, animals, whatever you can damage or destroy, go for it. And it's okay if you find this fun. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it.

Kill the Ent Cargo Carrier in Meadowshire

The Efiilas are trying to build up their forces, are making alliances to do it. The village of Meadowshire has agreed to supply them with a large supply of food for their soldiers and refugees, a step up we cannot allow them to take. But they can't eat what doesn't make it back to base. Kill their cargo carrying ent worker, and it will slow things to a crawl. Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the questgiver to restart it.

Load up on Meadowshire food

They say an army runs on its stomach. Right now, the Efiilas are trying to run their army on Meadowshire food. We want it more. Cut the Efiilas supply by bringing us twenty pieces of Meadowshire produce -- fruit, grains, meat, whatever they have -- so that we can feed our mercenaries and workers while the Efiilas go hungry.

Duergar Temple

Exploit the Duergar Temple Mess Hall

This might be a different kind of challenge. We know there's a Duergar Temple nearby, and they're working to supply the Syggax with weapons. We also know a temple tucked away in a cave will have finite resources, including food. You're going to use that to our advantage. Head to the temple and cook the duergar a gourmet Feldspar meal worthy of a master chef, showing them how much better it would be to have us as allies. Or, if you prefer, you could find their food supplies and poison them. Choice is yours. Pay's the same.

Wipe out the Duergar Temple Forge Workers

It is only a matter of time before the Syggax challenge us. We are better supplied, but they have found a way to close the gap. A nearby duergar temple has agreed to supply the Syggax with high-quality blades. Their alliance is signed in demon blood, stronger than the money we offered them. We won't take 'no' for an answer, nor will we allow the Syggax to expand their capabilities. Head for the Duergar Temple, find their workroom, and wipe out all their forge workers.

Strike a Deal with the Duergar Temple Shopkeeper

There's a set of ruins nearby, a former duergar temple, that has been seeing activity recently. It looks like some duergar want to continue in their ancestors' demon-worshipping path. However, even demon worshippers need supplies, and they're living in a cave. If we can set up a trade monopoly with them, they'll be a lot less likely to attack us, and we might even get crucial leverage. Find their source of supplies and work out a contract they can live with.

Supply the Resistance in the Duergar Temple

Just as we've arrived and are looking to recruit aid, so are our enemies. In particular, the Syggax have found allies in the nearby Duergar Temple. Lucky for us, some of them aren't demon-worshipping sickos and are fighting back. Find this Resistance and get them whatever supplies they need most. Feel free to subcontract, but don't bother filing an expense report. We pay you enough as it is.

Release 3 Elementals in the Duergar Temple

Some hotshot duergar demon summoner has led a group of his kin to a nearby temple, aiming to restore its former glory. Worse, he's allied to the Syggax. Neither is acceptable. We've heard that the summoner has bound some elementals to the temple, forcing them into slave labour. It's time he learned how dangerous of an idea that is. Get to the temple and free elementals from their servitude, and let them handle the rest.

Attack the Duergar Temple and frame the Efiilas

We're always looking for allies, and failing that, we're looking for ways to make our enemies have more enemies. A dark opportunity has fallen into our lap: a duergar temple, demon worshippers, who probably don't like the Efiilas anyhow. But something needs to spur them into action. Go to the temple and make some trouble, but pass the blame onto the Efiilas. Get creative.

Sabotage the Duergar Temple Workroom

There's a group of duergar that came to our attention recently. It seems they made a deal with the Syggax to manufacture weapons for them. Due to their shared demon worship, we were unable to buy them out. But, the Syggax are impulsive and impatient. Any delay could give them reason to break the contract themselves. Find where they're putting the weapon shipment together and sabotage their operation. Stealing their supplies and breaking their forge should do it.

Kill the Duergar Temple Summoner

We've received word of a growing threat: a Duergar Temple, led by a demon worshipper. Demon worship is bad enough, but in this case, it drives these duergar closer to our enemies, the Syggax. That connection must be cut. Find the head of the temple and kill him.

Kill the Captured Giant in the Duergar Temple

We've gotten word of a nearby Duergar Temple, an outpost the dark dwarves are putting together. Their love of demon worship have driven them to our enemies, the Syggax. Worse, they're a credible local threat. They've captured a fire giant, probably to use against us, but we're not willing to sit around and wait to find out. Kill the giant and report back.