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Dear traveller, welcome to BatWiki!

BatWiki is the unofficial wikipedia for BatMUD.

This site is one of the best sources for seeking information on BatMUD (with its 10204 pages). We have it all, ranging from equipment, NPCs, areas, races, help files, links, and guides to trivia. Happy browsing!

You can help

We are constantly trying to improve the site. It's still missing a lot of data and most certainly _does_ contain errors too, but if you have the courage, you can help in any of the following ways.

You only need to register to be able to contribute, but please set your email address as it enables you to get a new password if/when you forget your old one. You can do this in my preferences page, found from upper right corner.

In case you haven't set your password and need it reset, contact a wiki administrator through BatMUD. The most active administrator of BatWiki is Milk.

Please, read the article about editing so you know how to do edit, how things are done here, and why things are done like they are done.


  • While browsing, you may come up with an article that has false information. You can either drop a comment about what's wrong to the article's discussion page or correct the issue yourself. If you are sure about the issue (for example your merchant scales tell that the item weights 9.090 kg, not 9.1), simply correct the article while leaving a short comment on what you did to the summary line.
  • Many of the articles are missing information in one way or another. There is an incomplete list of articles that need work. If you have a collection of items or simply wonder where to start contributing, those might be good places to start.
  • If you think we are missing something, be it an item, help file or aspect about a spell or skill, be bold, go ahead and create it. However, read the rules first as blatant spoilers WILL be removed.


Use the Talk:Ideas page for sharing your ideas, or better yet, use/create a talk page for the appropriate article. e.g. If you would like to share idea that would affect all the race articles, head to Talk:Races. If you think that there is something wrong with the whole monster category, use the Category talk:Monster and so on.