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The Tinmen Collective
Str: 76 Dex: 54 Con: 81
Int: 82 Wis: 34 Size: 67
Skill max: 87% Skill cost: 90%
Spell max: 80% Spell cost: 80%
Exp rate: 91
The tinmen are said to be creations of powerful magicians. Not very much is known on how they function and where they come from. Some storytellers say that tinmen have no heart, but their 'skin' is said to be extremely tough.
  • They have a good natural protection.
  • They regenerate damage very slowly.
  • They regenerate magic points slowly.
  • They are allergic to water.
  • They can see in the dark.
  • They can eat corpses.
  • They can detect magic on things.
  • They have poor vision.
  • To the list of NPCs of the race Tinmen