Word of genocide

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Word of genocide info from help file
No saving throw
Spell duration: 1 rounds
Damage type: magical
Type of spell: attack spell.
Affecting stats: wis
Cast type: destruction
Spell point cost: 250 -
Spell words:
Like the word of slaughter, the word of genocide strikes targets the reaver

has learned to destroy through the use of the word of spite. This spell,

however, is far more dangerous. Not only does it inflict a more painful strike

to those affected, but it hits every single creature in the room of the chosen

race -- even those working with the reaver. Affected creatures, blighted or

not, often fall to the ground clutching their sides, as the magical strain to

their bodies causes massive internal wounds.

Find weakness raises the chance of a blighting attack.

List of things that enhance or grant access to this spell: