Abbess Abigail leader of the convent

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She is the leader of this enchanting convent. She is the oldest living nun in all Bat realm and possesses powers beyond your comprehension. She has a kind but firm look on her face. She is wearing a black and white habits and the Heavenly Crosier of Las is firmly held on her hand. She is the Abbess of the nuns and she handles all affairs of the sisterhood.
Abigail, the abbess's equipment:
Spells: Missing spells
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Nun guild
Alignment: good
Race: human
Exp worth: 888k
Gender: female
Other info: Hits BARBARICALLY BEAT with every hit. Was first killed in 13th June 2007. Log clip by Nuane: Abigail, the abbess #1 BARBARICALLY BEATS Nuane, Amd and Spid 971 times...