Saint Damogran who is responsible for this warehouse

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Saint Damogran is located in The Newbie Help Warehouse near the Church of all Gods in Arelium. He provides a wide variety of services:
  • tell damogran info
  • Damogran tells you:
  • Players level 29 and below may be contributed. Players of level 30 or higher
  • may donate stuff for newbies. There will be awards for donaters.
  • If you are asking for contribution better behave correctly and appreciatively.
  • How to behave here:
  • - To donate item(s)  : 'donate item_name/all/eq/noeq'
  • - Normal inventory  : 'i'
  • - Shop style inventory  : 'inv'
  • - To ask for item  : 'ask item' (ex. ask weapon 1, ask armour 5)
  • - To see donations  : 'list [weapons/armour/caster/all/type]'
  • - To see donaters  : 'donaters'
  • - To see last awards  : 'awards'
  • - To see documents  : 'ndocs'
  • - To get a poster  : 'poster'
  • - To get newbie crystal : 'crystal' (newbies only)
Typing "inv" while in The Newbie Help Warehouse will return a shop type listing of the value (sacrifice value) of all items in your inventory, including all kept items. Saint Damogran is very polite and expects the same. A character of the female gender should curtsy rather than bow.
The old Saint Damogran has been here for ages. Everybody in this realm knows him well. He was helping newbies here before you were even born. He seems to glow with inner power and wisdom. You better not try to kill him.
Damogran's equipment:

Cloak: A very old looking dragonscale cloak

Spells: Missing spells
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Arelium church
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: human
Exp worth: Missing exp worth
Other info: Lives in a no-fighting room.