Hyperion, the ancient Titan

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Hyperion is a massive, god-like figure. His eyes are glowing in divine manner and his arms are as wide as trunks. Titans movements are slow and determined.
Hyperion's equipment:

Carries lots of items that have no real value.

  • Hand: A mithril glove
  • Hand: A mithril glove
  • Head: A titanium helmet (glowing)
  • Neck: A titanium necklace (glowing)
  • Amulet: A titanium amulet (glowing)
  • Cloak: Fire wings (glowing)
  • Torso: A titanium vest (glowing)
  • Both arms: Crystal bracers (glowing)
  • Bracelet: An ice bracelet (glowing)
  • Bracelet: An ice bracelet (glowing)
  • Wielded in left claw: A titanium maul (glowing)
  • Wielded in right claw: An adamantium longsword
  • Finger: A titanium ring (glowing)
  • Finger: A platinum ring (glowing)
  • Belt: A dragonscale great belt
  • Leg: A titanium haidate (glowing)
  • Leg: A titanium haidate (glowing)
  • Both feet: Dragonscale boots
Spells: Missing spells
Skills: Missing skills
Area: at entrance of Marble-sanded beach at Lucentium
Alignment: good
Race: titan
Exp worth: 975k - 1280k