The Duzel, enveloped in a field of pure electricity

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This enormous giant stands above at a height of nearly 30 feet. His hideously tattered head sits atop the broadest and most muscular shoulders anyone has ever seen. The Duzel's arms appear to be carved from pure granite, as the muscles and vains bulge from below the skin. His legs, like large thick oak trees, have flesh and blood from his attackers bodies dried up and stuck to them. His entire body is enveloped in a cloud of flowing electrcity, that sparks violently. Looking into The Duzel's eyes you feel a chill of absolute fear run up your spine. You know now that your end is near!!!!!
The Duzel's equipment:

Both legs: a pair of highsteel leggings, sizzling with electricity <red glow>

Bracelets: a pair of highsteel bracelets, glowing with electric energy <red glow>

Cloak: a leather cloak, crackling with static electricity <red glow>

Neck: a highsteel choker, engulfed in electrcity <red glow>

Wielded in left hand: A gigantic maul, flowing with electricity <fiercely shocking> <red glow>

Spells: electrocution, terror, imprisonment
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Duzelton
Alignment: evil
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: 789k