A necklace of the ancient breed

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A necklace of the ancient breed <red glow>
This necklace is made of fifty short titanium tubes that are bound together with chain which is threaded through them. The ecklace weighs more than it looks to the eye and you sense magical powers emanating from it.
It contains a tale;
The necklace is typical handwork of titan children who lived on this world when it was still young. It is uncertain how Hyperion got this necklace - maybe it was made by him or it was gift from someone - but it is certain that he gave it to Ilieth as a token of gratitude when she helped him.
Armour type: necklace
Stats: +2 str, +hpr, -2 wis, -2 int, -spr
It looks Very light weight (0.225 kg)
Sacvalue: 0
It is called titanium necklace and identified as 'necklace' and 'necklace of the ancient breed'
It takes the following slot: Neck
Made of: titanium
Size: extremely small
Quality: flawed
From: LQ 19: Acquire documents
Other info: Requires name to wear.