A HUGE spiked club "Demoncrusher"

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A HUGE spiked club "Demoncrusher" <red glow>
This massive, blood flecked club is covered with razor-sharp spikes. The damage you could do with such a weapon - guaranteed to mutilate your enemies!
Weapon type: maul
Stats: +3% pulverize
It looks Very heavy (10.1 kg)
Sacvalue: 607-732k
It is called demoncrusher and identified as 'club', 'spiked club', 'huge club', 'demoncrusher', 'crusher' and 'maul'
Made of highsteel
Size: smallish
Quality: superb
From: Kran, Temple of the Twisted Prophecies
Compares between: Mace of Thunder and Maul of Titans