A Sizzling Katana

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A Sizzling Katana <shimmering> <red glow>
This blade radiates hatred. Legend says it was forged by Satan himself for his mightiest lieutenant. Daemonus is an intelligent blade , you can feel its malice run up your arm as you examine its flickering red blade. The grip is wrapped in dragon hide with a moving pattern.
Weapon type: Katana
Stats: +psionic damage, evil wear only
It looks A bit heavy (1.6 kg)
Sacvalue: 134k - 183k / 383k - 416k (two different versions exist? need confirmation)
It is called Daemonus and identified as 'katana'.
Made of diamond
Size: Missing size
Quality: exceptional
From: Osenseida, Hell's dojo
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown