A Tale of Two Towers

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Also known as A Tale of Two Towers
General description: Adventurers of BatMUD,

In the forests of Lucentium, there is an old realm. This realm is the home to the Brackenbog Gnomes and the K'ar D'athu Dwarves and has forever been under the shadow of the Black and White towers. While these factions are seemingly always in disagreement, there is a greater enemy at their doorstep.

The Black Wizard Vebahn and the Black Tower's Servants have drawn the attention of Morrigaine the White in a most unfavorable way. The Black tower has been rumored dabbling in summonings from Dark Planes unknown to the realm of BatMUD. Morrigaine the White Wizard, protector of the realm has a sworn duty to ensure safety and peace.. but the White Tower is in need of assistance. Adventurers, will you respond to the White Tower's call for help? Prove yourself by first gaining entrance to the White Tower. Only then will you gain the trust of Morrigaine.


Location on Lucentium: The tower is found in the forest on the northen coast.
Difficulty: Midbie solo. Midbie to Highbie party for Questing.
Coder: Gorgar
Size (in rooms): 40+ rooms (probably a lot more)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)
History: Opened November 2015.

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