A Vorpal Blade

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a Vorpal Blade <strongly chilling> <red glow>
The Vorpal Blade is a massive weapon of inestimable antiquity. There are those who whisper dark rumors that the Vorpal Blade is capable of slaying gods themselves.
Weapon type: claymore
Stats: +10 str, +10 dex, +a lot cold damage, evil wield only (newest versions)
It looks Very heavy (26.168 kg)
Sacvalue: 5.67m (2003 26kg version)
It is called Vorpal Blade and identified as 'vorpal blade', 'blade' and 'claymore'.
Made of platinum
Size: smallish
Quality: sterling (2003 26kg version)
From: Burglefloogah, Zonni's swamps
Compares between: Holy Defender and Anipium Maul of Gods
Other info: Oldest versions are 2h swords and weigh more, the ~26.2kg weight is for the newer claymore versions. Also a very lousily comparing old version exists.

Heft data: (26kg claymore version)

Size 5, Str 1-12: There is no way could you wield a Vorpal Blade.
Size 20, Str 68-106: You could wield a Vorpal Blade ...with triple your strength from elephantback, maybe.
Size 25, Str 106: You would need three or four hands to wield a Vorpal Blade properly.
Size 40, Str 68-106: You could wield a Vorpal Blade labeled as in two hands, and it wouldn't be very unbalanced.
Size 46, Str 68-106: You could wield a Vorpal Blade comfortably with two hands.
Size 51, Str 112: With a powerful strength boost, you might be able to wield a Vorpal Blade in a single hand...badly.
Size 54, Str 192: A Vorpal Blade is pushing the limits of what you can wield in a single hand.
Size 54, Str 278: You could wield a Vorpal Blade in one hand if you tried, but it would be awkward and unbalanced.
Size 85, Str 131: You can wield a Vorpal Blade in one hand with minimal effort.
Size 90, Str 90-156: You can skillfully wield a Vorpal Blade with one hand with ease.