A bastard sword with an ivory hilt

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a bastard sword with an ivory hilt <red glow>
The sword measures almost 4 feet in length, of which about a foot is the hilt,and the rest the cold, shining and undoubtedly deadly metal blade. The blade looks pretty much like any blade, but the hilt is very beautifully crafted from ivory with engraved complex patterns running across it. The hilt is quite long, a full foot in length, making it possible to either wield it in one hand or two. There's a seal with the letter 'C' in it engraved at the end of the hilt.
It contains a tale;
This is the famous sword of Calythien, clearly marked by the seal of Calythien on the hilt. This legendary sword is said to have been wielded by Umegord, the Warrior King of Calythien, himself.
Weapon type: bastard sword
Stats: +magical damage & -1 avoid
It looks light (4.928 kg)
Sacvalue: 825k
It is called It is called calythien and identified as 'sword', 'exquisite sword', 'dukonium sword' and 'bastard'.
Made of dukonium
Size: somewhat small
Quality: Missing quality
From: Umegord, Calythien
Compares between: Mace of Thunder and Xormor