A beautiful rosary enfolded with white mist (holy)

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It is a beautiful rosary made from finest cloth. Symbols of Las are embroided with golden strings at one end of the rosary. Small diamonds wowen inside the fabric emit enchanting white mist around this exquisite piece of clothing.
Armour type: wand
Stats: +7 wis
It looks Light weight (0.520 kg)
Sacvalue: 372k
It is called Misty Rosary and identified as 'rosary', 'misty rosary', 'beautiful rosary', 'relic' and 'wand'.
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: cloth
Size: very small
Quality: flawed
From: Involves killing Valentina.
Other info: Nun stats:

Dispel power: Superior
Holy power: Great
Protective power: Divine