A belt encrusted with emeralds

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a belt encrusted with emeralds
Made of toughened leather, crafted with designs of dolphins, and then encrusted with emeralds, this belt has a lot of beauty despite its fairly worn condition. In fact, the design almost seems to move as light hits it at different angles.
It contains a tale;
Syndyna went on a pilgrimage in her youth. Disaster struck the ship she was on, in the form of a particularly violent storm. When she awoke, she was on a strange island with a green tower on it. At the top of the tower, she discovered this belt - however, as soon as she put it on, she fell asleep. When morning came, she woke to find herself just outside of Shadowkeep.
Armour type: small belt
Stats: +2% Shipbuilding
It looks Missing weight category (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called called embralt and identified as 'embralt', 'belt', 'emerald belt', 'belt encrusted with emeralds' and 'small belt'
It takes the following slot: Belt
Made of: 30% emerald & 70% Leather
Size: Missing size
Quality: shoddy
From: Syndyna, Pier