A black belt with bird claw symbol

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A black belt with bird claw symbol <red glow>
This belt is made from a very simple but sturdy cotton. It is colored black and offers practically no benefits other than status for its wearer. It is stylized with a bird claw symbol that is sewn on both ends of the belt with golden thread.
It contains a tale;
The bird claw is the official symbol of 'The warriors of the holy falcon' which is a pagan cult that practices martial arts.
Armour type: great belt
Stats: +infravision
It looks Light weight (0.525 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.8k
It is called belt and identified as 'great belt', 'belt', 'symbol belt', 'black belt' and 'claw belt'
It takes the following slot: Belt
Made of: cloth
Size: Missing size
Quality: poor
From: Konrad, Asylum