A blademaster of chaos, training recruits

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This warrior is a master of the blade, who also wields some potent magical powers. He has been sent here by Grimoor to aid those who would walk the path of Chaos. Of course, it has been said that in order to truly learn, one must teach others; perhaps this warrior aims to take a high seat within the Guild?
He can allow you to advance, cost, study, or train.
Spells: Missing spells
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Arelium
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: human
Exp worth: Missing exp worth
Other info: One of the Lords of Chaos trainers.
Hint: The final estimation is that Blademaster's power overwhelms your mind! you PANIC!!
You are shaking and very scared of Blademaster.
You make a small puddle on the floor.