A blazing diamond amulet named 'Chael'

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This diamond amulet is nearly transparent, apart from the the blue phantom named 'Chael' that is imprisoned in it. An eerie light surrounds it too, making you uneasy to be near it. Chael was once a legendary hero, but his desire to live past his own life was so strong that it destroyed him. An evil with named 'Karpulixia' trapped him here in this amulet and there has he been since then. About two thousand years. He usually offers his fighting abilities to the wearer if he's good enough or on rare occasions when he is forced to do it.
Armour type: Amulet
Stats: +Avoid & +Hit
It looks light weight (1.8 kg)
Sacvalue: 1040k - 1120k
It is called Chael and identified as 'chael', 'blazing amulet', 'diamond amulet' and 'amulet'
It takes the following slot: Amulet
Made of: diamond
Size: very small
Quality: great
From: Inra, Horsehead Mountain
Other info: Must be good align to wear it.