A blessed steel maul

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a blessed steel maul
This is a huge bludgeoning weapon. Extending well over a meter, this massive sledge looks like it could easily smash through stone walls or heavy armour with no problem. The maul is made of a thick solid shaft, topped by a protruding, rounded head of the same material. Once this weapon gets moving, its momentum can be devastating. The weapon has been painted white, and it has a holy feel to it.
Weapon type: maul
Stats: good wield only, especially effective against evil
It looks Very heavy (10.9 kg)
Sacvalue: 14384
It is called maul and identified as 'maul', 'steel maul', 'blessed maul' and 'blessed steel maul'.
Made of steel
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Kharim-el-Main
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown