A blue ribbon

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A blue ribbon <red glow>
It is a long blue silk ribbon. It has some silvery runes woven in it, spelling 'Lumine'. You could wrap this ribbon around your wrist.
It contains a tale;
This ribbon was once used as a hair-band by the progeny of two mighty magicians. Now, blessed by Lumine, this ribbon contains a tiny part of her power.
Armour type: sleeve
Stats: Different versions:
+x% cure light wounds & +spr  
+x% cure serious wounds & +spr  
+x% magic missile & +spr  
+1% golden arrow & +spr  
+1-2 wis & +spr
It looks almost weightless (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: 66k
It is called ribbon and identified as 'blue ribbon', 'ribbon' and 'sleeve'
It takes the following slot: Arm
Made of: silk
Size: small
Quality: standard
From: an abbess of Lumine, the head mistress
Other info: Other versions also. (seen cure light wounds, cure serious wounds, magic missile and wisdom)