A colourful muscle shirt

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A colourful muscle shirt <red glow>
This muscle shirt is sewn from quality hemp strings and they are coloured to several different colours from shades of green to red and they form vivid colour patterns.
It contains a tale;
This shirt once belonged to strange fellow called Ja-maan. It is said that he lost this shirt when he was on a trip in Laenor. The story continues that he didn't miss this shirt much afterwards.
Armour type: muscle shirt
Stats: -2 Str, -2 Con, +greatly spr & +5% plant lore
It looks Light weight (0.5 kg)
Sacvalue: 334k - 343k
It is called hemp muscle shirt and identified as 'hemp shirt', 'hippie shirt', 'colourful shirt', 'shirt' and 'muscle shirt'
It takes the following slot: Torso
Made of: hemp
Size: somewhat small
Quality: standard
From: Goshawk