A comical figure in all-khaki clothing

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This is the infamous Bruce Harwin, herpetologist extraordinaire, and in general, a very strange fellow. He seems hyper, as if on artificial stimulants, constantly spurting from one location to another, pointing out different animals, plants and reptiles. He also seems to have a not-so-healthy fixation on annoying, not only the animals, but his fellow inhabitants of this world.
Bruce's equipment:

Both legs: a rough khaki pair of shorts

Upper body: a rough khaki shirt

Wielded in right claw: a highsteel knife <red glow>

Spells: Missing spells
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Laenor
Alignment: neutral
Race: human
Exp worth: Missing exp worth
Other info: Located at shore on continent of Laenor near pcity Fightclub and Explorer guild.