A confused old geezer with a wild look in his eyes

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You see a distinquished old brownie gentleman - who has gone slightly mad. His eyes roll in their sockets, apparently independently from one another. Drops of spittle fall from his mouth as he keeps chanting something, mostly utter nonsense as far as you can tell. However, now and then you can hear a word or two of arcane origin, as well as old prayers, and even some sinister and malevolent chants - maybe you should be careful around this little man. He is clad in a voluminous robe, that seems to be twice the size of its wearer. You don't think the brownie has noticed you, even though his other eye looked at you for a moment (while the other was fixed on the rear of a young girl that walked by).
A confused old geezer with a wild look in his eyes's equipment:

Neck, both legs and upper body: a cotton robe

Spells: lightning bolt, curse
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Hamlet of Windham
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: Missing exp worth