A cruel blade made of dark crystal

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A cruel blade made of dark crystal <strongly shimmering> <red glow>
The blade of this sword is crafted from cold and dark crystal, and malicious chants have been read upon it - it can make devastating damage to both body and mind. You can sense something wicked in the very air around the weapon. You think you can still hear the silent and smothered screams of the victims of this sword, as if some part of their souls would have been bound into it.
It contains a tale;
These are the blades that many warriors of the leech-kind uses. Very much like the leeches themselves, these weapons are dangerous for both flesh and soul. A mere cut from the blade may cause severe damage to the victim's mind.
Weapon type: katana
Stats: Missing stats
It looks light weight (1.799 kg)
Sacvalue: 10k
It is called Terrorblade and identified as 'terrorblade', 'katana', 'sword', 'blade', 'cruel blade' and 'crystal blade'
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: crystal
Size: somewhat small
Quality: quality
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