A cruel spear, the light's demise

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a cruel spear, the light's demise <red glow>
An ancient spear of draconian design, this cruel spear originates from the

times before this world. It is a heavy but slender spear with a long, blade-like edge. It can be effectively to either slash or impale enemies. The blade is covered in spider-venom, and it will burn the veins of the victim and peel off their skin.
It contains a tale;
Wielded by demons and dark spirits, the creator of this malicious weapon has long ago lost in the tides of time. Rumours say that a god-like entity once forged this weapon to fight angels and good spirits. The weapon brings forth pain and misery to all who represent goodness in the world.

Weapon type: boar spear
Stats: +3 dam, +poison damage, +dam against good(?)
It looks Heavy (4.8 kg)
Sacvalue: 1140000
It is called Light's Demise and identified as 'lights demise', 'demise', 'spear', 'cruel spear', 'light's demise' and 'boar'
Made of nullium
Size: smallish
Quality: great
From: Black widow
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown