A dark black mace

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This weapon is approximately twenty-five inches long. It has a small ring near

it's handle made of a golden metal. The grip is covered in a tightly woven red cloth. The head itself is black. So incredibly black that it seems to absorb light itself. There are strange runes etched into the "blades" of the head and it seems to absorb the surrounding light. It is surrounded by a red glow. It contains a tale; It is told that an evil priest commissioned the best blacksmith in the land to create a base weapon for him. The evil priest provided the blacksmith with a strange black material that seemed to absorb the very light around it. The blacksmith toiled for many weeks and was able to create a magnificent mace. The evil priest was please and killed him. Nothing else is known about what ever happened to that weapon.

Weapon type: Missing type
Stats: +4-5wis -5cha +cast_harm +darkness
It looks A bit heavy (4 kg)
Sacvalue: 280k
It is called Missing handles
Made of nullium
Size: somewhat small
Quality: good
From: Malicaw The Bloody (undead)
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown