A darksteel battleaxe with an oily double-bladed head

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A darksteel battleaxe with an oily double-bladed head <humming> <red glow>
This battleaxe is forged from high quality darksteel. Some leather strips are wrapped on the haft of the axe so its wielder can a get better grip on it. It's double-bladed head is covered with a layer of oil and you can't figure out where it comes from; No matter if you wipe the oil away from it, a few minutes later and its head is oily again.
It contains a tale;
A battleaxe once belonged to woodcutter R'ami and it is said he threw it away when got a better axe which more effeciently cut trees down.
Weapon type: battleaxe
Stats: +5% bladed fury, +1% lumberjacking, +magical damage
It looks heavy (8.0 kg)
Sacvalue: 279k - 280k
It is called darksteel battleaxe and identified as 'battleaxe', 'a darksteel battleaxe', 'oily battleaxe' and 'axe'
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: darksteel
Size: smallish
Quality: superb
From: Goshawk, Conifer Forest
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