A deep black ring

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Missing description
It contains a tale;
Using her powers over cold, the Groke is able to cripple adventurers in a single blow. Though, fearing one day she might meet one who would turn her powers against her, she took precautions to grant herself immunity. Taking the essence of only the most hearty creatures, she confined them to her ring, keeping them with her at all times.
Armour type: ring
Stats: +darkness, +stun resist
It looks Very light weight (0.005 kg)
Sacvalue: 15 gold
It is called black ring and identified as 'black ring', 'ring' and 'groke ring'.
It takes the following slot: Finger
Made of: onyx
Size: tiny
Quality: poor
From: The Groke stands here freezing the world
Other info: Disappears after 24 hours.