A deep green trident with barbed blades

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A deep green trident with barbed blades [vile] <toxic> <red glow>
This weapon has a long, deep green pole which has three long, barbed blades on its end. The trident is that of Az'anzyl the blood Tyrant. It is made of a single emerald crystal, bound and reinforced by ancient incantations. The wicked blades are coated in venom; green, unnatural light pulsates within the shaft.
It contains a tale;
S'cael Wrun is the sister of the Wrath of the Tyrant, Az'anzyl's notorious blade. Whereas the Wrath can cause massive acid wounds, S'cael Wrun can poison the victim by the soul. That is what its name means in an ancient tongue, now long forgotten: Soul's Venom.
Weapon type: trident
Stats: Somewhat random stats, versions known to exist:
It looks A bit heavy (2.759 kg)
Sacvalue: ~2300k (6con4parry)
It is called S'cael Wrun and identified as 'trident', 'green trident', 'deep green trident', 'scael wrun', 's'cael wrun', 'wrun' and 'scael'
Made of emerald
Size: smallish
Quality: exceptional
From: Az'anzyl, Buckthorn Valley
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Heft data:

Size 50 (barsoomian), str 167: A deep green trident with barbed blades [vile] is huge, you could try three or four hands but...

Size 47 (human), str 130: You could wield a deep green trident with barbed blades [vile] in one hand if you tried, but it would be awkward and unbalanced.