A dominion, sacrosanct harbinger of divine order

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Radiating white light surrounds the dominion, and amid the sanctity of holyness, a sedate visage stares back into your eyes. The deep blue eyes of the divine being are captivating and the long and straight auburn hair sways slowly on its shoulders. The visage is innocent as of a newborn child, glowing with saintly kindness. Appearing bold and determined, it seems that the body structure of it is of a human kind creature. It's slender and delicate and the torso is protected with a glittering silver breastplate. The knees are protected with specially designed knee protectors, but the ankles and arms are bare. The feet are covered with tapering sandals. Despite the lack of fully-covering armour, it appears confident and dauntless.
Dominion's equipment:

Head: golden halo <yellow glow>
Held: sceptre of order <red glow>
Torso: a sturdy highsteel breastplate <red glow>

Spells: banish, cure critical wounds, curse, curse of tarmalen, greater light, minor heal, true heal
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Missing area
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: 428k
Other info: One of Sister Valentina's celestial helpers.