A dreamcatcher staff

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a dreamcatcher staff <red glow>
It is a staff, with lots of jingly and rattly stuff attached to it - just like

a dreamcatcher would have. The rattly stuff includes small bones and mouse skulls, and jingly stuff is sets of mowgles coins that someone has punched a hole through. It looks 'magical', so you could probably perform a mumbo-jumbo ritual while wielding this staff. It is surrounded by a red glow.

Weapon type: bludgeon
Stats: +1-2 sweet lullaby , +1-2 restul sleep , elec dam
It looks almost weightless (1.05 kg)
Sacvalue: 200k
It is called dreamcatcher staff and identified as 'staff', 'dreamcatcher' and 'dreamcatcher staff'
Made of wood
Size: small
Quality: great
From: Missing where from gained
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown